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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well, the figures are in and we have a winner! All of the postcards, laces and goodies are going to have a new home with:
Now you know I just can't put the name right up here at the first of the post...you have to work for it!!!


ANNE! at Fiona and Twig! Number 24 was the lucky number, picked by a Kobe Bryant fan during the last moments of the LA vs. Pheonix game and Kobe's jersey is # 24! OK....
Anne, please email me with your address and expect an email from me soon.
Congratulations to you!
And to the rest of you who have now become followers and who have left such lovely comments for me, many thanks to you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #7

Handmade pillowcase... made by loving hands and given to me on a very special day.
She's sick right now, so please pray for her...
A view of the top of my Grossmutter's dresser. I've place all of my clear glass pieces along with my rhinestone pieces here. It's going to change...I have so many ideas!
It's so fun to play with everything! Is this the reason we grew up with dollhouses? So that we would learn how to re-arrange things when we grew up??

I found these Bluebonnet paintings at Thrift Stores in my area...
the first one recently, and the second one many many years ago!

I will not be at home for Pearls and Lace Thursday this week, but am leaving this to post on Wednesday evening. I'm hoping there are no problems with the Link this time!!
Please feel free to join me here by linking your Pearls and Lace post html code to the Link below. We are looking forward to seeing YOUR Pearls and Laces!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

French Teacup for Tuesday!

This little cup and saucer is one of my very favorites. It has a dark red lacy pattern around the edges and a grouping of pretty flowers on the inside of the cup and center of the saucer.

I can usually remember when and where I purchased things, but this one I just can't remember. It has the letter 'D' on the bottom of the cup, and a knight with a shield labeled
French Saxon China, Union Made, USA
the name of the pattern is Burgundy Lace.
Perfect name!
We are expecting puppies any moment here, our Rosie is due today, and she'd been off her feed for the last day or so. She is HUGE! I'll try to post some pics of her pups when they're here.
You can check out our website also!
I'll have them posted on the 'puppies' page soon! (that is when they get here!!).
Don't forget to check out my giveaway on the next Post!!! To be entered be sure and leave your comment on that post!
I'm joining Martha at Martha's Favorites for Teacup Tuesday, here:
as well as Sandi for Teatime Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage here:

Be sure and check out everyone's post for some lovely tea cups and settings!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #6 and a GIVEAWAY!!

I'm joining in on the 4th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway today!
I know you are probably thinking, "it's about time!!", but I've been trying to get it all together, and then the internet went down, then we had to go out of town and NOW, it's together and I'm back! SOOO, have a look at the LACE and ROSE items that I've put together for my giveaway!!!
Clear stamps, small glass jars, vintage post cards, and lots of LACE!!

Paper flowers, cards, a stuffed heart, and vintage dictionary pages!!

Buttons, charms, an old key and small scented soaps, I even put a pink doily in there!
Who knows what else I'm going to find to add!!!
Join in the fun here at Faith, Grace, Crafts, and don't forget to go to Kim's blog at Twice Remembered (link below). I will close the drawing here on my blog on May 29th then will work on picking the winner. I will have the winner posted that same day.
To enter please do the following:
1. Become a follower AND leave a comment on this post telling me you are a new follower, OR leave me a comment telling me you are ALREADY a follower. = 1 entry
2. Post about my giveaway with a link back to this post on your own blog. Leave me a comment letting me know you have done so. = 1 entry
The more the merrier!!!
I can only ship to US and Canada though, so sorry faraway friends!!
Join in the fun and check out all the other Blogs that are a part of this huge event.


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue Willow and Lots of Love

I love flowers: All kinds and colors.
But, I REALLY love roses and tulips.
I picked these roses off of our bush that my husband transplanted to this home when we moved here two years ago. They are Gorgeous!!!
The Blue Willow teacup and saucer as well as the bowl next to it seem to be the perfect way to show them off.

The Blue Willow are some of my favorite china, and I don't know why I don't have more of it!!
The crisp blue against the white background is just classic.
For Mother's Day my husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of lovely roses!!!
I thought their color was fantastic!!

And, I was surprised to receive these tulips from both of my sons!
They had them shipped to me, so when they arrived and I opened the box, lo and behold there were these beauties!

So picture this...2 college students living in Houston, discussing what to say on the card.
Evidently they couldn't agree on what to say!
HA! I LOVE IT! It's just like them!!!!
They're so funny!
I had the best Mother's Day...
Hope you all did too!!
I'm linking up with Martha over at Martha's Favorites for Teacup Tuesday here:
as well as Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage for Teatime Tuesday here:
Y'all be sure to join in the parties!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May You Be Blessed!

Happy Mother's Day!

Look at your hands, they touch with love,
The cheek on a little face,
They give, they heal, they cook and clean,
And all with gentle grace.
The work you do, each day seems long,
Some days seem never to end,
But one day soon you'll look and see,
No children around the bend.
You see they've grown and moved away,
Your sleep you may now enjoy,
No cries to wake you in the night,
No stepped on toys to annoy.
The time went fast, but something new has occured,
No reason to be sad,
When you look with pride and love at them,
At those babies your own baby had.
Take joy in the thought that the world goes on,
With days of sadness or fun,
A look at your wrinkled hands will tell,
Your job was very well done.
To each and every mom out there,
I wish you a Happy Day,
Whether young or old or in between,
May you be Blessed in every way.

A bit of poetry to brighten your Mother's Day,
by me!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #5

The BOX of LACE!
Remember that big box of lace I bought at an Estate Sale last month?? Wellllllll, I finally got around to sorting and folding, rolling and trashing...
And here's what I got:
A TON of beautiful lace pieces and lengths.

WHOOPS! NOT these...I found these in a box I've had since I was a child!
Should have tried to post these at the end!!
Anyway, they are 3 little child's bracelets that were mine as a child.
I was shocked to find them too, so my memory is really starting to go I guess!!

OK...the rest of the loot.
For you Blue lovers:

And a little something for you PINK lovers!

I have way too much to ever use, so I'll be adding some of the above pieces to a pile I have set aside for a giveaway that I'm planning.
I just guess you'll all have to watch for it!!
Join me here for Pearls and Lace Thursday by attaching your html code of your post to the Linky below!!! And please check out the blogs that have joined in the fun!!

Obviously we're having a bit of a problem this week with the Linky...

I'm so sorry! Please come back next Thursday and let's try it again!!



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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun With The Blue Set

I've been playing with the mosaic maker that I found online for FREE!!!
It's wonderful! I'm just addicted to goofing around with all of the different ways to make my pictures into works of art!!
At least it makes me feel like an artist!!!

Also, I've found a new blog and boy is the giveaway a sweet one!! Please check it out here:

And here's a link to her Etsy shop:
Jeanne is a very creative lady, and her Etsy shop proves it! Hop over and join in the fun, you won't be disappointed!!!



Sunday, May 2, 2010

God's Jewelry Box

Join me as I look through a jewelry box.
The Jewelry Box of God.
Layered on a black background of eternal magnitude, the jewels are set off to perfection.

Perhaps this is a brooch, with sweeping arms of lacy silver with delicate pinks set among the feathery workings, a diamond in the center.

Matching Diamonds, so brilliant that they burst with colors more awesome than any
Hope diamond on earth.

Single jewels of fiery opals, reflecting colors of beauty that outshines the small rocks on earth that are treasured and hoarded.

Orbs of rainbows that are vast and magnificent.

Emerald and sapphire, Amber and gold.

Delicate whisps of cloudlike lace, so delicate a breath might blow it away:
But no human breath can reach it.

The Hand of God, His Creation, His handiwork.

And WE get to actually see what's in the Box...the Box of Heaven itself.
God's Jewelry Box. Do you think He finds these beautiful?
He knew we would, therefore He allowed us to be able to see them, in THIS time of humanity.
WE are blessed to be able to view these pictures because of a man-made item,
a telescope that is floating in space, controlled by men sitting on earth.
Isn't it awesome that He gave us the ability to put pieces of metal, glass, plastic, etc. together so that we can see inside God's Jewelry Box.
And do you have a better view now of God? His vastness? His eternalness?
His Power??? His love for us?
His Gift to us!!
Because Jesus is the Gift...not the pictures of the heavens, but a real, living Person, who came to THIS earth, to save HIS people.
Now THAT was the Gift!!
We may look at the pictures and see the Hand of God, but we can look in our very own Bible and KNOW God HIMSELF!


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