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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vintage Photos, Laces, Hearts, and Dried Roses

Nostalgia, Blessings, Remembering, Growing.

It always seems that when I work with my laces, I'm thinking of people who lived long ago.
When I touch the beautiful designs made by hands long ago, it connects me in the NOW, with people from the PAST.  And it makes me think.  What will people in the FUTURE think or know about me?
Am I leaving something behind for those who will come after me that will be of value?

I know I am.  Because I'm a living, breathing, human being of value to God, and so are YOU.
We have a purpose here.  We have a place, and we have HIM.

My value?  Only God knows the real value, but I can name a few that I see.
To my husband, my children, my church family, and my friends.
You see, things would be a lot different if I wasn't here.
And that's what I guess I'm getting at.
I almost wasn't.

These vintage photos are just so sweet.  Beautiful children who lived long ago.
Their pictures left behind for others to value.
But the people themselves, they had value, and they probably grew up to have their own children, and then THEY had children who may be those of you who are reading this today.

Being you today is a gift from God.  Life is a gift.  And it's God's to give or take.

The old things I collect and love to play with are truly just things.  They have little value.
And as I grow older, I seem to be able to pass more of the items I've cherished on to others.  Realizing that it's the OTHERS who have value!

I'm so thankful for photos.  They are the visual history of our world.  Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words!  And the photos I cherish of my loved ones from the past as well as my children from today make my life happier.  Those have value.  Because THEY had/have value.
And some day when photos are all that is left of me, I hope that the people seeing them will realize that life is precious.  That life if of value.  That THEY have value!

Mankind is always trying to do or make something that will keep their NAME remembered.
I don't care if my name is remembered.  I want them not to remember my name, but my JESUS!!
And the VALUE He puts in THEM!

I almost wasn't born, I was not wanted. And in a day and age where life is now an item that has little or no value, it makes me incredibly thankful to the ONE who gives life.  And to the one who decided to go against her parent's wishes and give me a life. 

Each of you who are reading this have been given a miracle.  LIFE.
Live it for a purpose.  Live it because you are special.  Live it because YOU HAVE VALUE!!
And thank the ONE who gave it to you.



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