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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #52

Stitches from the Past to the Present

Works in crochet as well as tatting are some of my very favorites.  I have learned both crafts (tatting is easy by the way...I learned over the internet!!) and enjoy them at various times during the year.  Whenever I see vintage work though, I just drool.  The women of history have left a wealth of beauty for us to enjoy, and just think...if you are a crafter, someday in the future, YOUR work will be handled gently and loved by someone and maybe even be blogged about!!

This sweet little baby cap is silky soft with a lining of muslin.  The stitching is wonderful, and I know that loving hands made it and cared for it over the years.  Though not my own, it has recently become mine, and who knows...maybe some day I'll be a grandmother to a baby girl and I can take pictures of her wearing it, and then pass it on!

The ball of thread is from the attached doily that ruffles and swirls into a large sized doily.  It's not complete, but it's close.  Should I finish it?  Or should I leave it as is by the original stitcher??

 The crocheted roses are from the Present...I made them.  I have a huge jar that I keep them all in...various colors of crochet thread and lots of roses!  I've used some on my heart shaped pillows (a few are on the pillow on the right), and I love the softness they add to my projects.  The heart shaped crocheted pink pin cushion is an older relic from a bygone day.  Well worn, it saw its share of pins and I'm sure was loved by the previous owner.  A whole shopping bag full of sewing goodness for a song!!

The tatting was from an etsy sale, as are many of the objects in that box, but they are favorites and therefore beloved by me!!

You know, I aspire to take beautiful photos of beautiful (to me) objects.  This particular grouping was the easiest to put together for me because it includes ALL of my favorites...sewing, roses, vintage yummyness as that awesome box!  If any of you have a similar box (with roses or something sweet covering it) that you'd be willing to sell, please email me and let me know about it...I'd love to add to my 'collection'!!

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Blessings to you all,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #51 and Giveaway Winner!!

A Bit of Glass.
Sometimes I just can't say no to purchasing a piece of glass...there's something about it.  Whether it's the design of the piece, or the color, maybe it's the shape, but all of a sudden I have a whole 'collection' of glassware and when I look for places to display it, well....I have to make room.

The Basket above is white with such a pretty ruffled scalloped edge I just HAD to have it.  Perfect too because my husband liked it and it didn't cost much.  I have some rectangular shaped prisms filling it, but it's hard to photograph, but it's pretty in the sun.

A very recent find is the crocheted dresser scarf above.  The pinks caught my attention first, then as I got closer I saw the textures of the handwork.  I see where doilies were crocheted for the edges, but the panel above the edge is huckweaving I think....anyone want to tell me the proper name for it??

I've filled this sugar bowl with prisms from a chandelier and just LOVE how they sparkle.  Sure do wish I could capture that with my camera!!

I have a winner for the lace roses I've been making lately.  Please email me your mailing address and I will get them to you in the next week. 
Congratulations to  Trisha!!  
You can see her blog here:    http://americanhoneyhome.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for participating with me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!!  Did you know that because of my last post, Rust and Roses, Gail named her 2 new shelter kitties Rose and Rust???  How cool is that???  Thanks so much Gail!!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #50

It's the 50th Pearls and Lace Thursday!!
And I'm having a Giveaway too...
I decided that since I've been busy making lace roses that a sweet prize of some roses I've made over the last month might be interesting, and maybe some surprises too!
My husband has become a lover of treasure seeking too, so I've added some of his finds to some of my own to share with you this week.  The old rusty tools are his, but the cast iron grill parts are mine!
They all have a nice home next to he fireplace on the hearth, but I've pulled them out and used them as a background for some of the roses....Thus, Roses and Rust!!

Let's make this giveaway easy!  Anyone anywhere can join, and if you leave a comment and/or join the linky party you will be added to the giveaway.  One comment only and one link only please and no sales links or blog links, just the url code for your post.
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Hope you all have a fabulous week!
Blessings, Doni

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #49

The Ugly Duckling Trunk...
It's old, it's ugly, and it might be more work than it's worth.
What do you think?
I didn't pay a lot for it, but it was just so sweet.....
Painted a creamy white...with some vintage music here and there...
some of the rosettes from my last post and some lovely lace???
She'll be a beauty one day!!

Cool leather pattern and the fittings are gorgeous!

I love the drawer inside.  Lots of potential there!!

The bottom is awful....I don't know what to do with that...maybe cut it out totally??

and this tag is still on the inside lid...a man leading his horse with a deer across it..
Just thought I'd share it with you!
I'm having the Pearls and Lace Thursday Party!!
This is # 49!!  Next week might have to have a giveaway!!
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Thanks to you all!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #48

Welcome back to Pearls and Lace Thursday!
My husband had surgery a few weeks ago, he's doing great now, and I'm ready for more fun with my camera and my pretties!  How about you???  Please feel free to join me for the Link Party and show us your own Pretties!  They don't have to be pearls or even lace, but something you love and would like to share.
Hope you enjoy the pictures I have for you today.
First, to all of you out there who have shared your awesome hand made flowers made out of laces and fabrics, I am so glad you shared them.  And for those who made tutorials....well, thank you so much!!
I FINALLY decided I could do it too...
Here are my first lace roses!! 

I've used some of the buttons and glitz that I've hoarded um, collected, the last few years....

and this old metal stand...it has a broken 'head' on it, therefore I used a glue dot to hold the rose on it!

These are so fun to make!  Now I need to think up a use for them...and maybe when I do, I'll share the finished project with you!  I have a few ideas in mind, now I just need to get busy and do them!
I'll be joining the White Wednesday party at  http://fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/ as well as French Inspiration at http://frenchcupboard.blogspot.com/ so be sure and check it out! Lots of beauty over there!!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Blessings, Doni


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