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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Vintage Rose Fabric Covered Drawers For Pearls and Lace Thursday 144

Sometimes it just happens.  The PERFECT item pops up in front of my eyes from Etsy and I hit the button to place it in my shopping cart before I even read the item description.  And then my heart starts to pound a bit faster and I wonder if I dare.  You know that feeling.  Just go ahead and press the button to purchase without looking back!!
But I always look back.  Just in case I missed something about the item that would be a deal breaker.
And after looking at the description, and the other pictures, it just makes it so much better to KNOW that I'm getting an item that is wonderful!!
Thank you so much Sofia!!!

If you have seen my craft room or any of my posts for that matter, you know how much I love and adore faded and tattered fabric covered boxes.  So this little beauty is a perfect addition.

Oh look how much it has been loved over the years!!

 And let me tell you something about the Etsy shop owner, Sofia...
She also makes these GORGEOUS paper flowers, and when I opened my box from her
 it was filled with pink paper tissue flowers!!  How sweet is that??
But this one special flower with the printed pink paper was
 tucked sweetly in the bottom drawer of my new purchase:

Next month is a special month for me.  I have a milestone birthday approaching and I have a huge area in my craft room set up with LOTS of pink and cream lovelies...not ALL of my collection of laces and pearls and pinks and creams, but a good bit of it!  I am in the process of taking LOTS of photos to share with you and I would like to give you just a taste of what is in store:

A recent find, and it's gorgeous!  In fact, just dripping with lace loveliness, don't you think?
If you have a chance to look at Etsy and you'd like to find my new friend Sofia and her lovely shop, you can find her HERE.  Not only did a find a lovely shop, 
I found a sister in the Lord who shares my love for beautiful things.

I'd like to change the way I host this month's party and ask you to do something a bit different.  Instead of taking time to add your blog post to a party link here, would you take some time and open your Bible and read it?  I have drastically reduced the time that I spend blogging and have instead picked up my Bible more to read what God has to say.  He truly blesses me every day when I put HIM first.
May you each be blessed by Him.


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