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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #22

A Get Well Card
To those of you who are or have been ill...
I've noticed over the last few weeks a number of you who have been ill.  I found these vintage cards and just knew when I saw them what I would do for Pearls and Lace this week.
So, a card just for you!  Get well soon friends with the sniffles, coughs, diseases and flu.  My prayers are with you, and may you feel much better soon!

It takes time to heal, so in the days of healing may you wait on the Lord to strengthen you.

The paper weight above shows the green glass with what looks like dimples in it!  It's a piece of fruit of some kind.  Anyone want to make a guess??
The colorful doilies I'm using today are some of my very favorites.  I love color, and I especially love doilies with colors that brighten the shelf where they sit. 

I hope that the pretty colors lift your spirits, brighten your day, make you happy!

The strange looking green glass piece is some kind of leaf shaped hollowed who know's what!
I guess it's a paper weight because I have no other clue as to what it is!  Any one have a thought on the subject?  It was in someone's garden at one time if the dirt inside the thing was any indication!!

This little iron and its friends were recent finds at a yard sale.  I really loved the small size of them as well as the intricate pattern on the metal stand. 

As you read hop around to visit friends on other blogs, be sure and leave encouraging comments for those who need it...I'm sure each message helps the healing process as well as gives comfort. 
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Blessings to you all!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Demi Tasse Set #5

Demi Tasse set #5 is a Japanese set.  The cup is rimmed at the bottom with a blue-green color band and the upper 2/3 of the cup has a repeated scene that is bordered with gilt decorated edges. 

The plate is surrounded with the same scene with gold motif, and the middle of the saucer matches the lower band on the cup.  It's a really sweet set, made in Japan.

I've really been enthralled with the smallness of the demi tasse sets.  I've been looking for other sets and have successfully found a few more! I'm so glad someone thought to make these sweet cups and saucers in a small size!  I can collect many more of this size than regular size!!  Oh the possibilities!
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Have a wonderful week!
Blessings, Doni

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pearls and Lace #21

It's all Red!
I pulled a bit of red from all over the house and had so much fun doing it!  From the buttons to the old printer's shelf, old bobbins to glassware, red is one of my favorite colors with which to decorate.  The dark reds are my favorites.  Now don't think my whole house is done is red...it's not.  I love lots of colors, and there are some that I don't care for at all.  But, as a favorite...this is one of the top.

The red candy dish belonged to my Grossmutter.  I remember as a little girl going to her house (she lived only 3 houses away from us!) and dusting the furniture.  This candy jar as well as a milk glass one resided on the half-wall located just inside her foyer by her telephone table.  I would carefully dust each crevice of the glass in hopes that I wouldn't miss a spot or break it.  So far, I haven't broken it!

I'm also a lover of old tins. This one has a foreign word on the top and has been in my collection for many years.  Others I've only had for a few months!

Old buttons just seem to find their way now into my blog posts.  I've seen how talented many of you are with laces and buttons and have had an itch to try something with them.  Perhaps I'll get all my stuff together and start!! 

These are the only two pieces of the red transferware that I have, but I'm hoping to find some more!  These have the English castles on them and I'm in love with them.

These little perfume bottles are my latest finds.  I found them this last weekend at a yard sale and think they're sooooo sweet! I love the red cord on the one on the right, and the delicate and graceful lines of the one on the left make it one of my favorites.

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Hope you all have a blessed Thursday!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Bottoms!

So do the BOTTOMS of the dishes count as whites???
I think so!
Some of the lovely marks from the bottoms of the teacups and dishes I have.
I guess each company or manufacturer tries to make theirs unique and memorable.
Sometimes the name says it all!

Be sure and join with me tomorrow for Pearls and Lace Thursday.  I have a red themed post ready to share with you of all kinds of pretties from around the house!
I'll have it up and ready by Wednesday evening (as long as the computer cooperates!), so get your pretties ready and come back to join the party!

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!
Blessings, Doni

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Demi Tasse set #4

It's hot PINK! and the primroses on the front of the cup are a transfer.
It's tiny and thin, and look at that pointy handle! Like a bat ear!!

I like how the saucer gets a bit darker at the center.  The rims are gilded with just a sparse brushing of gold.

No design on the inside, and no mark on the bottom.

Grace has four new babies! This is her first litter...
One girl and three boys.
They don't like tea!!

(No puppies were given tea for the purpose of this blog post!!!)

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Blessings, Doni

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Thank You!

What a special gift!!! 
Melissa at Piney Rose sent me these beautiful Blue items after I won one of her giveaways last week!
Aren't the lovely???
The heart-shaped box is so sweet, with tea things pictured on it, and the blue teapot is the perfect color blue to go with my blue kitchen items!!
Look at the napkin too...it's so perfect with the blue flower and blue edging...
Thank you so much Melissa!!
Be sure and check out her blog...she is a very talented lady and has a recent craft item that has been published!! Her adorable spools are delightful!!

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Hope your week is wonderful!!
Blessings, Doni

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Few Favorites

Are there things you have that you have and absolutely won't ever ever give up?
Here are a few of my fave's...
The volumes of Junior Classics that I'm trying to finish collecting.
I have all but volumes 1, 2, 3, and 9...I'm really hoping to find them all.

These tiny balls of tatting thread are new to me...a gift from the daughter-in-law of one of my favorite little ladies who passed away a few years ago.  Miss Eva Jo was a wonderful little lady.  My husband met her first, and when he and I married, she became a dear person in my life.
It was so sweet of her dil to think of me when she came across these last week, wasn't it??

This old volume contains some absolutly awesome chapters about growing up.  Written from a Christian perspective, each chapter deals with a single subjet and the words of wisdom from the ages is not only still relevant today, but much needed!  I wish books like this were must-reads for those in their teen years.

The Royal Path of Life
Isn't that a wonderful title?

Below is a picture of a giveaway over at Spunbyme!!
She's having a huge lace giveaway, so go by and check it out!

Wishing you each a lovely weekend!!
Blessings, Doni

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #20

Pearls and Lace Thursday
The Old Scales
Sometimes you just know you have to stop.  Sometimes you know you have to dig to the bottom of your purse, look under the seats of the car, and even dig down into the nether regions of the cup holder to find every single dime you can find.
Then you go in the store that says:
"Sale! 30% off all items over $10.00"

There they were: Sitting on a shelf at eye level, looking like they needed a good home.  Mine.  And, they were on sale.  I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  And I had enough cash to make them mine!

Actually, I think my husband likes them more than me!  They came with the two little pans, and a small box with some of the original weights. 

They were so cute, those little weights.  I'm going to have to see if I can locate some of the ones that are missing.  If you know of any, please let me know!

And I couldn't resist putting some bling with it!  That rope of rhinestones (ooooh...doesn't that sound neat?? Rope of Rhinestones!)  and the pearls...
Ooodles of yum.

The old glasses and case were a find a few weeks ago.  I thought they looked perfect for this vignette!
Can't you just see the little old man work these glasses onto his nose, squint a bit, and then place some gold nuggets on one side of the scale...making the ounce weight balance perfectly as the scale swayed back and forth....add another nugget, wait, add another nugget, wait.....
Then with a final nod he removes the glasses, picks up the pan full of gold nuggets, drops them into a small drawstring bag and says, "That makes one ounce!  You can have ten dollars in store credit or nine dollars cash!"

What treasures do you have to share?  Join me for the 20th Pearls and Lace Thursday and show off your glitz!  Laces, Rhinestones, Pearls or Gold, we want to see what makes you smile!
Add the url code of your post to the Linky below.  Please no Etsy or other store sites, just your own personal blog post.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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