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Friday, July 15, 2016

My New Craft Space!! Where Bloggers Create 2016

I hope you all can handle the rambling of a busy yet excited lady!
We recently moved, and although our new home is wonderful, the unpacking is taking forever!
But I have worked hard to get my craft room ready for the party, and here it is!
Thank you Karen Valentine for hosting Where Bloggers Create again this year!
You can find all the party list at her blog here.

I have also started a You Tube channel where you can find many of my projects.
Please visit me here.
And for the video tour of my craft room click here.

As I looked at the piles of boxes the movers left in this room, a basement, all I could think of was:  I'll never be ready for next year's Where Bloggers Create Party!!
But I started.  With the walls!
The walls here are of rough cut wood...splinters and all!
So, I covered them...with the pages from an old falling apart Bible!!

Then I added the shelves and got my tables put up.

Lots of shelves and doilies!

Because I use my craft room for different things, I have my things in different areas.
The first group of pictures has shown my antique and vintage sewing notions and laces, sewing boxes and threads.

The next part of my room is where I do a lot of gluing!
I have my laces for making lace books and decorating over here:

Got to have something pretty to look at for inspiration!!

I lately began to organize these laces and trims using Fernlidesigns products.
They are awesome!  You can find my You Tube videos about this project here.

My dress form, named Nadine, was none too happy to have to travel in a dark trailer for the LONG move!!

I keep my projects that I'm working on in these decorated boxes, as well as lots of laces and doilies!
 And the table below is my cutting table.  More boxes of laces, and lots of fabric for fun projects!!

In between the two craft areas is my sewing machine.

 I've learned a lot in the months I've been working on my craft room.
First, I have to let myself, that is ALLOW myself, to make changes.
I know that sounds weird, but that's the way I work.  If I think of one way to organize and it really doesn't work, I need to be able to let it go.  Do it another way.  And with time (that's another thing...knowing it will take time to work out the glitches), it WILL all get put together the way I can best utilize it.

Second, I have to take TIME...already mentioned.
It takes actual time spent crafting to know where something best works.  If I need to be able to access a drawer with tools in it, then that drawer needs to be handy.  If my materials are a long way across the room, then I probably won't want to get up, go over there, and use them.  Time wasted, inspiration gone.
Organizing is great, but UTILIZING the space is for the best functioning of the space, and the best use of my TIME!

Third, It's OK to change things around even if you think it's set and ready to go.
Case in point.  A tall unit or rack that I own has been used to hold lots of fabric.  Well, it doesn't fit into this space.  Therefore, I have to figure out how to make the fabric fit in another way.

I moved my upholstered chairs probably about 50 times!  Yes!  During the unpacking, yes for sure, but even since then.  It doesn't make sense to put it where it is not functional and comfortable.

Fourth, Make it Pretty!!
When I start working on my space, I always have in my mind how I WANT it to look.  When that doesn't happen, I work with it until it is pleasing to my senses.  If a space needs to be covered, then pull out a curtain rod, rope, whatever works, and MAKE it look good.
Spray paint covers a lot of ugly too!

Fifth, Have fun.  Enjoy looking through each and every box or jar at all your saved pieces.  Familiarize yourself anew with what you have on hand.  Put it out, pack it up, whatever, but enjoy this process.

And you'll probably need to realize that it will change again.
Needs change, favorites change, sometimes we just need it to be CHANGED!
That's OK.  Giving myself permission again to change things.  Seems like that's all I do!
So, after all the effort put into it, I can finally say, I love it.  It's time to get busy!
I hope you each have a spot to call your own!  It can be a whole room, or it can be a small spot, but make it YOURS.  Make it fun, make it inspirational to YOU.  You're the one going to be using it after all!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my craft room!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

One Week To Go!

There it was, midnight, and an idea struck me that got me super excited!  A way to cover those awful looking office chairs! Down to my craft room I go, a few hours of glueing, snipping, and pinning...and three chairs now are well on their way to looking wonderful! 

So, do you see what I did with that big bodacious wedding dress bow?
I made a You Tube video you can see if you would like more information!
You can view it here.

And 2 more!

These photos show them during their transformation, so come by and see the party post next week for the finished product!

I feel like I should shout "Pay no attention to the messy room you see behind the chairs!"  Stuff is being put up and organised, cleaned and foofed so that in just one more week my craft room will be ready for the Where Bloggers Create Party! Karen Valentine is once again hosting and I'm trying my best to be ready on time!  Check out the link at the top right of my blog to see more, and why not join us?

Blessings, Doni

Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Craft Room and Getting Ready For The Big Party!

Hello everyone!
I have been very busy getting my new craft room unpacked, sorted and ready for this year's party for Where Bloggers Create!
Karen Valentine is once again hosting this fun party, and you are all invited!
Not only to see what others are sharing, but we want you to join too!
Get your spaces ready and let us see!  See her blog at www.mydesertcottage.com

This is what I recently worked on for a you tube video, you can see it here.

But I HAD to take photos to share with my blog friends!

My room is slowly getting to a place that I will be happy to call "done".  Moving this last year was a huge blessing, but also a huge job!

My new craft table was a mess!
Here is the 3 part video for this huge project!

I bought some bobbins and boxes from fernlidesigns.com and have been very busy working on taming the chaos!  How do you think I did?

Going to show off the bling...

And show off the vintage and pretty things I've purchased recently.
Video here.

I hope you are looking forward to seeing everyone's craft spaces...I know I am!
Blessings to you!


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