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Friday, September 30, 2022

Another Yearly Update!

Hello everyone!   I really hope this finds you doing well, and

staying dry while the rains continue from Hurrican Ian.

I've been praying for Florida and the people in the path of this

storm.  It's so hard to know exactly what to pray but that 

God will protect you and your property.  He has a plan, I don't know

what that is, but I KNOW HE DOES!

My heart is with you.

And yes, I've been there before.

We are expecting a new grandchild soon, a girl this time!

So exciting!  We've been thinking our 2 grandsons were

all we would  have, and then a huge surprise to everybody!

Technology is amazing!  Look at the perfection of what God is creating!

And this was a few weeks ago.  

I've drifted back to making kits for my planners again.
Working with floral digitals is a delight (when Silhouette Studio works), 
and then putting pretty sticker kits in my planner to decorate is just
a huge bunch of fun.
My junk journal table is still sitting there, waiting for when my attention
changes and my whims for papers bursts out again.  I still go over and
sit and think, "Am I ready to make another journal?" And the 
feeling passes.  So I know, not yet!

I hope the crafting bug hasn't left you.  It seems sometimes that I have a desire to craft, and other times, even for months, I have no desire at all to be creative.  That's Okay.  There are so many other things to do, like reading, etc.  So I hope you are happy and healthy.

Take care and God Bless YOU!!!


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