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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything! Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!!

The sun is FINALLY shining, and here in Texas things are warming up.
I hope it's warm where you are!!
I have some catching up to do, and I want to start with one important item.
The winner of my giveaway was Deb over at Garage Sale Gal!! Congratulations Deb!! You should have received your box of goodies by now (or very soon!).

Now to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!
I took all my heart shaped pillows and pin cushions down from the shelves and put them in my newest find...an old tray from a trunk!  I have loved the look of these old trays for a while now, and have 2 to hold my ever growing piles of pretties!

And those of you who joined me last month for my party, I want to give a HUGE thank you!!
All of the comments and Happy Birthday wishes just made me so happy!!!
Here are some pictures of what my husband gave me:
but let me say the SURPRISE PARTY totally surprised me!!

It was the day before my actual birthday.  I was tired, not happy with my appearance, etc....you know...all the yucky-fixin-to-turn-50 things that pop in your head.
I decided about 4:00 that afternoon to color my hair.  Red.
I'm in the bathroom valiantly trying to get the hair color EVENLY all over the GRAY roots of my hair, getting mad because I'm dripping the yucky stuff on my cheeks, and trying NOT to get the stuff all over myself.  Dearest Hubby in the world says through the door, "My dad just called and wanted to know if we wanted to go eat with them tomorrow (my birthday) night with them"?
Huh???  That means if we accept that he didn't even have any plans for my BIRTHDAY!!!!
I'm crying by now.  But I answer, "yes, that's fine"....sniff sniff, poor me.  Now I'm really mad.
So I sit down, towel properly covering my shoulders so the gooey hair color won't drip on the furniture or my clothes, I'm all red in the eyes, mad, and he is outside.  I am thinking by now that all I want to do is wash this stuff out of my hair and take a nap!!
I hear him approaching the door and think, so help me if he has my present in his hand right now, the day BEFORE my birthday, I'm going to blow up!!
Guess what?
Yes he did.
Now seriously, WHO wants their 50th birthday present the DAY BEFORE??????
He walks in the door, smiles, and says, "Happy Birthday!"
OK, are you laughing yet??? Get the picture???
My hair is wet and dripping goo, I've been crying, and it's the day before my birthday.
What do I say...."It's NOT my birthday today!!!!"
Pause for the effect to really hit.
"Well," he is trying, I can tell.  "You can open it tomorrow if you want".  
OK.  I'm trying not to cry, but it just can't be helped.  "I really want to wait for my real birthday."
There, I said it nicely.
And he said alright, and put the gorgeous sacks of gifts in the office.  
Now I'm feeling worse, and the story continues.  If you read this far, please don't stop.  It gets better.

I FINALLY have the hair color on for the correct time and can go take a shower and get it washed off.  What a mess.  Who really can get this stuff out of their hair and not make a mess, right?
BUT, while I'm in the shower no less, he hollers to me, "I'm hungry!  Want to go get something to eat in town"?
I told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted to stay HOME!!!  
Well, that didn't sit too well.  He got kinda mad as he says rather loud, "But I'm HUNGRY!"
OK, OK....I decide alright, we can go out, but I need some time.
I tell him so, and he's a happy camper.

Progress about an hour.  I'm trying to dry out my hair, make my red eyes look normal, quit sniffling, and pull myself together.  I told him to give me a few minutes to get ready, and I'd go eat wherever he wanted.

We leave the house around 6 or so, and go to our little town.  Now let me put in here, that we have exactly 2 good sit down and eat in restaurants here.  One we favor over the other, but both have good food.  I pull the car into the driveway of the one we like best and there's all these cars parked there!!
"Good grief, it looks like a convention" I say.  I'm starting to LEAVE the parking lot (because I'm driving), and he says, "Naw, let's just eat here.  They'll all probably leave soon".
Yea, right.
OK...I park the car WAY over to the side of the parking lot, in fact in front of another store, and we walk in.  The waitress says to me, "There's a table in the back where there's more space" as she walks away and I look around and think, where is everybody???  It was seriously empty!!  I see a friend I haven't seen in a while though, and go over to speak to her.  She has this 'look' on her face, but I'm totally clueless...
Then, I go to the back.  What do you know...there sitting with a HUGE pack of people are my in-laws, just smiling!!  I look around and they all shout, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!
I turned around and almost ran......
I was SO SURPRISED!!!!!!
Turns out my wonderful sweet husband had called just about every single person in our church and they had filled the whole back of the restaurant!!!!  These flowers were there, a HUGE birthday cake, and cards galore.  I am very blessed.
Thanks to you all who gave me such a wonderful birthday!!

This pic was taken BEFORE the hair color!!

I am so busy this month...lots to do and lots to get finished, so I will not be hosting a party this month.
But, I will try to post more than I have been doing lately!  I have some pics of gorgeous laces that I have already downloaded and want to share with you.
Keep your eyes open for a lacy post soon!
Blessings to you,


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