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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pearls and Lace Book for Pearls and Lace #146

One of my very favorite pastimes is to hand stitch.  
Sometimes I like to cross stitch, crochet, tat, or whatever, but I thoroughly enjoy stitching
pretties onto a background, and seeing what turns out.
I stitched this whole book by hand, except for the original pages, and the flowers on the front, which I will show you in a future tutorial or walk through as to how I made it.

As you all know by now, I love laces.  Not the nylons but the REAL, old vintage laces, and I have been hoarding collecting them for years.  It took me a while, but when inspiration hit, well let's just say the rest is history!  Here's what I made.

Do y'all want to have a Pearls and Lace party???  Add your url code to the link below and let's see what all y'all have to share!!  Anything pretty is what we want to see!!!
Spring is almost here and I want to go dig in the dirt.
I want our flowers to start blooming and things to be sweet smelling...
and I want it to STAY that way!!  Summer will be breathing down our necks before we blink here in Texas.
Hope it's nice where you are!


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