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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Newest Lace Book Name Is..."Crowning Glory"!

And the new name is.........Crowning Glory.
I asked for help naming g this particular book, and Maggie White from You Tube was the one who suggested it.  Thank you Maggie!  And thank you each of you who commented and suggested names.  I appreciate it!

 If you would like to see this book in greater detail, you can view my video on You Tube by clicking here.

So here it is.  The theme is the HAIR Do's in each photo.
I don't know if they are all Gibson Girls or not, but the hair styles appear to be that genre.

Lots of dangles on the bottom, and a simple design for the back.

The first two pages 

Pages 3 and 4 below

And pages 5 and 6 below

The side is tied closed with silk ribbons

Whenever I start a lace book, I can't stop working on it until it is finished.  By that, I mean that if it takes a week of being in the craft room for hours every day, that's what I do.  And it is so much fun!  And if something is scheduled for one of those days, like a doctor appointment, I get all fidgety until I can get back to it!  Are y'all anything like that?  Do you also sit and gaze at videos and photos of lace books and lace projects and just smile?

I must thank each of you who share your work with us!  What lovely creations you have made!  Books and wall hangings, projects dripping with pearls and lace, the most lovely ideas I have ever seen!  You are each SO talented!
I have learned so much from you all!

Thank you for visiting!   I hope you each have a wonderful week!



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