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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Look At Some Lovelies

Hello to you all!!  I am so excited about the comments y'all left me about my craft room!!  Thank you each so much for taking the time to let me know what you thought!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting it ready for you!
If you are looking for the post of my craft room, I have it on the sidebar at the top of the page.  And a huge welcome to my newest followers as well!!

This week I have been engrossed in trying to put together another post using the lace making pieces of trim and braid that I love.  I'm always on the lookout and I recently came across a few more and added them to my collection and would like to share them with you.

This little pair of black embroidery scissors has been hiding from me for the last few years.  I have wanted to find them so bad so that I could use them in my blog pictures!  I had to unload the top shelf of one of the 4 closets that I have stored my hoards of items in to finally locate them.  They weren't actually lost, just hiding from me...

I think there's something so nostalgic about the packages.  Perhaps they were stored in a box or a drawer someplace for years.  Probably so because they are in great condition.  These examples were never used.
I love the texture and the aged coloring, even the bits of rust spotted here and there add to the beauty.


This particular example is one of the latest.  It took me 2 days to iron and lightly starch each medallion!!
I'm not usually so careful about my laces, but this braid was stretched out so much that you couldn't tell what it was!  I think it turned out beautifully!  And trying to find a way to store it was hard.  But a handy roll of crochet thread made for a perfect place to keep it crisp and pristine.


I have more to share, but I'll wait for another post for those pics.  I hope you love seeing these trims and braids.  I think I'm hooked.  I can never have enough!!
And oh my oh my, have y'all seen the new Victoria magazine with the linens and monograms all throughout????  I clutched it tightly, um, saw it tonight at Walmart totally by accident and it just flipped itself into my cart.  What was I to do????
I hope you are all having a lovely July.  Here in Texas we are experiencing some of the coolest, yes coolest temperatures in the last 70 years for July!!  It's been wonderful!  But back to the 100's this coming week.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Craft Room Reveal for Where Bloggers Create 2013

Hello to you all!!  I hope you enjoy your time here at Faith, Grace, Crafts, and that you enjoy seeing my craft room.  My name is Doni and I am a lover of all things beautiful and lovely.  Pearls, Lace, Vintage Thread and Sewing Notions, Buttons and Rhinestones are my top faves.  My room is a mixture of all the things that inspire me and things I love.  You might see things stay the same for a long time, or things might be changed often, but I have had SO much fun preparing for the party!
This is the third year I have joined Karen at My Desert Cottage for the Where Bloggers Create party and I want to give her a huge thank you for hosting!  Be sure and check out the other blogs that have joined!
And a huge thank you to each of you who have shared your spaces in the past for the inspiration!  I LOVE looking through your spaces and look forward to seeing what y'all have to share this year!
Now on to my room!  Feel free to PIN!

The huge long wall of shelving is my main work space.  I have used a door from Home Depot for a table (left side), and an old desk on the right.  Storage beneath the table is covered with a thrift find...a pink baby bassinet skirt tacked to the sides!

If you were here previously, you might remember that I wanted to change rooms with a larger, lighter room that was the guest room.  Well, starting in January, I did just that!  Everything was changed from one room to the other!  It was a HUGE job, but I'm sooooo glad I did it!
The button shelf (below) is dedicated to my vintage rhinestone buttons, favorite regular buttons, and rhinestone bead collections.  Many styles, colors, and types are stored in glass jars.  Most are small spice jars found at Goodwill and garage/yard sales.  The larger jars are jelly jars, cleaned out with labels removed.  Free is always good!

The little salt cellars are almost all of them from my birthmother's collection!  The peach colored one below is from a blog friend in Austrailia!  Thank you Melanie at French Blue and Peachy Pink!!  It fits perfectly with my collection!

OK, enough buttons.  How about some other items??
Last year I had many of the items I collect displayed by theme.  For example all the threads in glass jars all together.  This year I put my items similar color groupings.

By the way, my favorite color combination is pink and cream...

The next area of interest is my collection of lace trims which are displayed in vintage dresser boxes.  They are divided boxes and are perfect for perusing the stash!  They sit on top of lovely quilted satin boxes (or glove boxes as they are also known), some matching, others not.   Lace trims are some of my favorite things, and I love playing with them.  I use them in almost all of my blog posts, and I've recently begun to make fabric and lace collages with them.  See my older posts if you are interested in fabric and lace collages!

The chair above is the most comfortable chair I own.  I have owned it for many years.  AND although it lacks in style and has shabby tatty arms, I love it and won't get rid of it.  Instead, I have my most favorite and gorgeous piece of floral barkcloth over the back, and some hand-stitched arm doilies displayed.  Believe me, it's the best spot in the house!

And if you were guessing that these boxes below must have laces in them too, then you were correct!!

The wallpaper drawers store my doilies as well as my huge collection of colored seam bindings and tapes in packages.  The bottom box of 4 drawers is full of paper flowers!

Next we can have a peek at the sewing corner where my machine resides.  Above it is my collection of vintage thread cards.  I just love these little bits of color!  And next to the machine is a shelf full of vintage sewing boxes.  Yes, they're full of lace.  Mostly.  There IS some thread in ONE of them.  I have blogged about the drawers of lace in the past and have more to show you in the future!

I love these old sewing boxes and would love more!!!  But their prices are getting too high...

Nadine is the name of my dress form, and I've introduced you to her before here.  She is wearing one of my most exciting finds!  My husband and I went to an estate sale last spring, and way in the back of the house was a huge trunk.  I opened it up, and dove in.  Anything with lace on it I grabbed.  I noticed the dress (I'm sure the look on my face would have made you all laugh!), and quickly bundled all the pieces together to add to my official "PILE" of objects for purchase.  Get this....the whole pile of laces was only 5 bucks!!

The musical dress form below is one I made using cardstock printed with old music, then glued to a plastic dress form with Mod-Podge!  Thanks to Carol at the Polka Dot Closet and her great tutorials!

The tray of pearls (above) has been one of my favorite spots in this room.  I did a post about it previously HERE, and still can't make myself do anything different with it!  So, the pearls will stay here.
There are some other pictures I took of the room, different spots of interest here and there, and I hope that you have spotted some fun and interesting items. 

This lovely Limoges bowl is from my friend Beverly at Tea Cottage Pretties!...specially picked out for me by her daughters and her!!
It's so beautiful.  Be looking for a special post about it in the future!!

Yes, the door is pink!

It has been so wonderful to have you come over to visit me.  I hope to see more of you!  Please feel free to PIN any of my pictures that you'd like.  I have a Pinterest Board full of my favorite pictures that I got from all of YOU!!  You all inspire me!!
And come back this fall when I will start up Pearls and Lace Thursday again. 
It's been wonderful to be a part of Where Bloggers Create again this year.  Thank you again Karen for such a fun party, and for hosting this awesome event.  And again thank you all for coming by!!
Blessings to each of you,


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