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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vintage Shaving Items

What's so exciting about that?
Nothing usually, not today's stuff anyway.
But the things our grandparents used??  Well that's another matter altogether.

For the fastidious dapper gent, there were the expensive sets of seven blades, one for each day of the week.  Better on the blades...able to keep them sharper for longer.  But when they needed sharpening, the attached strop (with special attachment to sharpen razor blade while attached to the razor!) was ready for use.

excuse the aged oiling please...that's just gross!!

As interesting as it appears, it also looks a bit PAINFUL!!

I'm so grateful for my pink Bic razor that I can use for a while and then trash!!!
It's not so bad living in the current day after all!

Sure hope you are all doing well.  We just got a few days of very much needed rain here, and today was gorgeous!  Of course it's chilly again, but not for long.  Summer will be here in a day or two!  At least it will FEEL like it!!  The flowers are getting prettier too.  And the birds are hatching babies all over the place!  I feel like I live in the middle of a bird nursery!!
I expect the birds out back to start barking because I see them grabbing the dog food off the back porch, and out front they ought to meow...yes, cat food available out there!  The birds are faster on the front porch.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Tutorial For Lace Book Part 2

Previously Posted May 2014
Reposted because of high interest to be included with the part one post 
please see January 24, 2016

In my previous post I showed the construction of a Lace Book made out of fabric napkins.  The process of sewing the accordion folds to the napkin pages took me one day.
Here is the result:

As you can see, there is plenty of room allowed for adding laces and trims, whatever I desire.  After the pages are completed on the inside, I will finish the outside of the book, including the binding and covers.

Now that the book construction is finished, it's time to embellish and decorate!
This is the time to get out any and all of your stash of lovelies and pick and choose what you might want to use.  Remember, at this point, it's important to decide on your color scheme, arrangement, and placement of items BEFORE you permanently place the item in the book.
I will be sewing my laces and trims in place, but first I will pin them where I think I want them to go.  This is the part that takes me the longest, as I decide what to use and where I want it be located.  Be as creative as you want here.  It's a whole lot of fun, and the results are wonderful to see as you go. 

Layers are important.  Starting a page with a background of a lace piece, fabric, or whatever that you can build upon is a good starting place if you want.  Decide if you want to use the same background on each page, or different ones for each, or none at all.  I used a few in the first book I showed you HERE, but for the most part I left the pages plain and just added embellishments of laces and trims, etc.
When I made my first book, it was at this point I decided that I needed to go back to Pinterest and see what other people were using in their books, and as I did, I made a list of items I saw.
I have printed it here below so you can get an idea of what I gleaned:

Collage Items
Vintage rulers, rusty parts, buttons, papers, book pages, tags, music, fabrics, binding, ribbon, cardboard, cardstock, denim, net, photo album pages, book covers, ric rac, metal elements, burlap, flowers, jewelry bits and bobs, beads, wire, keys, chain, dress pattern tissue, wooden bits, muslin, quilts, batting, leather, corrugated cardboard, vintage wallpaper, handkerchiefs, fabric ribbon (ripped), fibers, tassels, stamens, millinery, velvet, felt, ripped fabric, stamped fabric, children's book pages, crystals, embroidery, measuring tape, spools, bobbins, floss, patchwork, small tiny pillows, stitching, silverware, file folders, pockets, library cards, greeting cards, heart shapes, memory chatelaine w/glass vials to hang

and the list is quite endless.  Use whatever you want to use.

OK.  Now let's see how far I can get on this next part of the book!!
Hope you are each having a wonderful spring!!


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