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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Red Cross Stitch Project Completed! Pearls and Lace Thursday #143

  It is finally finished!!
(see Wilma??)
I worked and worked and it's finally done.  As soon as I clipped the last thread, I took it to the ironing board and ironed it flat.  And then the fun began!

As a lover of vintage sewing items, I have a lot of things in my craft space that I can choose from.  But some of my very favorites are trims and buttons (as you know if you've seen much of my blog!).  
I got things off the shelves, pulled items out of drawers, took my sewing boxes off the desk, and this is what I used.  The different shades of reds just make me happy.  I love red.  Of course I love most colors!
(don't ask me about aqua though...)

The sampler is known as the Beaumont, and I ordered the chart a few years ago and started it.  I know, it takes me while to finish things!

Just because I was confused about why samplers from this era didn't have certain letters in their alphabets, I will mention this:  The letters I, and W were left out many times because of the redundancy of the stitches...
in other words, the J could be copied to be an I, and the V used to make a W.  

Above, the original chart has other initials.  My husband thought it would be neat to have my own initials as the maker of this one.  I humored him...and added the G for him to the chart as well!

The initials tape is French laundry tape used to identify clothing sent to the laundries.
Just gorgeous!

And because of the red theme, I had to add my lovely trims still in their own original packaging!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my reds.  
I am delighted to be finished with this sampler and will be getting it framed soon.
And before I get going with the party, I'd like to say a huge welcome to my newest followers!!!
I'm always so excited to make new friends!

As of today, we are in the middle of a cold spell (as most of you are).  We got down to 29 last night!!
But, the chimney sweep is coming any minute now and we will have a nice fire in the fireplace in a matter of a few hours.  I always love the smell of a wood fire, and am looking forward to the first fire of the season.  

So, it's time for the party!  Feel free to add your lovely post to the link below.  Just add the url code from your post to the link and go by and visit the others!  I will be hopping over to visit each of you!
Lots of hugs to you!


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