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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Yes, It's Been a While!

So much has happened since my last post!
I will try my best to do a catch up!

First, there's another little grandson to love!
Welcome our newest!

He's a sweetheart!!!
And he may already be about 3 months old now, but this
was me holding him for the first time!

2 days before Tropical Depression Imelda!~!

My daughter-in-law holding our eldest grandson in the back
of their pickup truck. See how high the water was then?
It got up to 58 inches high in their house.
(Hurricane Harvey they flooded up to the 52 inch mark.)
Unreal.  I was there, holding the then 3 week old grandson while the 
waters rose.  My son brought in his canoe, and we put as much as possible 
in it along with the baby in his carseat (me holding him whiteknuckled), and the
dog.  Don't try putting a dog in a canoe in a flood.

Everyone was safe, rescued by boats, and very helpful strangers who risked
their lives to save us.  I am so thankful!

So, I got home finally a few weeks later, and have been busy!

I've been making clips for my planners, crocheting projects, and having fun doing it all!

It's also been a sad year, for we in this blogger community lost a dear lady,
Miss Hazel A. to cancer.
I hate cancer.
But I love each of you who are battling it.
I pray for you!

May you each have a wonderful rest of the year, and may
2020 bring you God's blessings.

Love, Doni

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What a Joy!

Our grandson has now reached his first birthday, and watching him grow into a boy has been such a blessing!

His character is developing, and he has such a cute way of expressing himself!  He loves books too, so hopefully he will be a lover of learning.

I've been busy lately working on my planning, and making YouTube videos. If you're interested in what I do on YouTube, check out my link in the sidebar, or click here to take you to my channel.

I hope spring is beautiful where you are and that each of you are doing well!


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Catching Up For the Beginning of 2019

Hello to you all!!
I thought I'd pop over here and share with you a bit that has been going on in my world!

First, I'm a GRANDMOTHER!!!

This is our sweet grandson, Joe

We don't get to see him anywhere NEAR enough, but the times we have enjoyed with him are absolutely PRICELESS!  He is a gift from God!!

I've been busy making videos on YouTube.  I love working with my Silhouette Cameo machine making stickers for my planners, and show what I make on my videos.
If you're interested, head over to my YouTube Channel, I'm Doni H

And, I can be found on Instagram @faithgracecrafts

My Link Tree is HERE for all of my links to EVERYTHING! LOL!
(Amazon Influencer, YouTube channel, links to my videos, etc.)

I hope that each of you have had a wonderful year for 2018, and wish you all
the very BEST for 2019.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hello to you all!
I hope you are having a warm and cozy winter!

I am brazenly going to share with you my Amazon "Influencer" link.
I have listed most of the items I purchased from Amazon that I would recommend.
If you follow the link, I can earn a small amount that I can assure you will just go back to Amazon!

My husband and I, our two sons, and my daughter-in-law....who by the way will be bringing our first grandchild into the family in March 2018!!

Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
I know I will!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Well, Surprise, Surprise!

I know, you thought you would never see another post from my blog, but yesterday, I got some of my pretties together, and did a photo shoot!
Hope you enjoy!

If you don't know, I have a YouTube channel and I have a number of videos showing what I've been up to. Here is the link if you are interested.

I started using a number of my past blog post photos for something new!
I am making stickers to use in my planners!

These pictures are going to be used for my planner stickers too.  

I hope you enjoyed this surprise post!
I have really missed y'all!

Blessings to you!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's Been a While!

Hi there everyone! I know it's been a long time since I last posted here. First I started having problems with my tablet being unable to upload photos, and getting photos from my phone to my big computer takes forever. Second, I got busy with making videos and had so much I wanted to catch up with that it started to overwhelm me. I have finally decided that if it stresses me out, it's too much. So, I stepped away from all social media sharing in December, and have slowly started back this week.

Little by little I made the decision to step back from blogging and do more with videos. So if you're still interested to see what I'm doing, please visit my You Tube channel, Doni H
Located also in my sidebar.

Let me thank you all for your support and comments and friendship. I'm still available and still crafting, so visit me on You Tube!

                  You are all so wonderful!
                        Blessings and Hugs,

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My First Hat!

I have had a strange inclination this summer.
I wanted to try to make a lady's hat!
But not just any hat...it had to be one that I could use my pretties to decorate!
So, this was what I came up with.

If you'd like to see the videos of what I did they are here:
Hat making videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I'm having problems uploading photos to blogger with my tablet, so have finally tried my cell phone!
At least something works!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dress Form Wall Hanging Tutorial

I got busy recently!
A dress form wall hanging with a lot of pretty laces hanging down to form a beautiful skirt.

Here is the video I made showing how I made the base for it.
A video with the measurements for the pattern is here.

Hope you give this a try! Let me know if you do...I want to see!


Friday, July 15, 2016

My New Craft Space!! Where Bloggers Create 2016

I hope you all can handle the rambling of a busy yet excited lady!
We recently moved, and although our new home is wonderful, the unpacking is taking forever!
But I have worked hard to get my craft room ready for the party, and here it is!
Thank you Karen Valentine for hosting Where Bloggers Create again this year!
You can find all the party list at her blog here.

I have also started a You Tube channel where you can find many of my projects.
Please visit me here.
And for the video tour of my craft room click here.

As I looked at the piles of boxes the movers left in this room, a basement, all I could think of was:  I'll never be ready for next year's Where Bloggers Create Party!!
But I started.  With the walls!
The walls here are of rough cut wood...splinters and all!
So, I covered them...with the pages from an old falling apart Bible!!

Then I added the shelves and got my tables put up.

Lots of shelves and doilies!

Because I use my craft room for different things, I have my things in different areas.
The first group of pictures has shown my antique and vintage sewing notions and laces, sewing boxes and threads.

The next part of my room is where I do a lot of gluing!
I have my laces for making lace books and decorating over here:

Got to have something pretty to look at for inspiration!!

I lately began to organize these laces and trims using Fernlidesigns products.
They are awesome!  You can find my You Tube videos about this project here.

My dress form, named Nadine, was none too happy to have to travel in a dark trailer for the LONG move!!

I keep my projects that I'm working on in these decorated boxes, as well as lots of laces and doilies!
 And the table below is my cutting table.  More boxes of laces, and lots of fabric for fun projects!!

In between the two craft areas is my sewing machine.

 I've learned a lot in the months I've been working on my craft room.
First, I have to let myself, that is ALLOW myself, to make changes.
I know that sounds weird, but that's the way I work.  If I think of one way to organize and it really doesn't work, I need to be able to let it go.  Do it another way.  And with time (that's another thing...knowing it will take time to work out the glitches), it WILL all get put together the way I can best utilize it.

Second, I have to take TIME...already mentioned.
It takes actual time spent crafting to know where something best works.  If I need to be able to access a drawer with tools in it, then that drawer needs to be handy.  If my materials are a long way across the room, then I probably won't want to get up, go over there, and use them.  Time wasted, inspiration gone.
Organizing is great, but UTILIZING the space is for the best functioning of the space, and the best use of my TIME!

Third, It's OK to change things around even if you think it's set and ready to go.
Case in point.  A tall unit or rack that I own has been used to hold lots of fabric.  Well, it doesn't fit into this space.  Therefore, I have to figure out how to make the fabric fit in another way.

I moved my upholstered chairs probably about 50 times!  Yes!  During the unpacking, yes for sure, but even since then.  It doesn't make sense to put it where it is not functional and comfortable.

Fourth, Make it Pretty!!
When I start working on my space, I always have in my mind how I WANT it to look.  When that doesn't happen, I work with it until it is pleasing to my senses.  If a space needs to be covered, then pull out a curtain rod, rope, whatever works, and MAKE it look good.
Spray paint covers a lot of ugly too!

Fifth, Have fun.  Enjoy looking through each and every box or jar at all your saved pieces.  Familiarize yourself anew with what you have on hand.  Put it out, pack it up, whatever, but enjoy this process.

And you'll probably need to realize that it will change again.
Needs change, favorites change, sometimes we just need it to be CHANGED!
That's OK.  Giving myself permission again to change things.  Seems like that's all I do!
So, after all the effort put into it, I can finally say, I love it.  It's time to get busy!
I hope you each have a spot to call your own!  It can be a whole room, or it can be a small spot, but make it YOURS.  Make it fun, make it inspirational to YOU.  You're the one going to be using it after all!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my craft room!



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