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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Yes, It's Been a While!

So much has happened since my last post!
I will try my best to do a catch up!

First, there's another little grandson to love!
Welcome our newest!

He's a sweetheart!!!
And he may already be about 3 months old now, but this
was me holding him for the first time!

2 days before Tropical Depression Imelda!~!

My daughter-in-law holding our eldest grandson in the back
of their pickup truck. See how high the water was then?
It got up to 58 inches high in their house.
(Hurricane Harvey they flooded up to the 52 inch mark.)
Unreal.  I was there, holding the then 3 week old grandson while the 
waters rose.  My son brought in his canoe, and we put as much as possible 
in it along with the baby in his carseat (me holding him whiteknuckled), and the
dog.  Don't try putting a dog in a canoe in a flood.

Everyone was safe, rescued by boats, and very helpful strangers who risked
their lives to save us.  I am so thankful!

So, I got home finally a few weeks later, and have been busy!

I've been making clips for my planners, crocheting projects, and having fun doing it all!

It's also been a sad year, for we in this blogger community lost a dear lady,
Miss Hazel A. to cancer.
I hate cancer.
But I love each of you who are battling it.
I pray for you!

May you each have a wonderful rest of the year, and may
2020 bring you God's blessings.

Love, Doni


dustbunny8 said...

So glad your family is safe, so much destruction is heartbreaking.Always enjoy seeing your beautiful vintage things your photos are so inspiring!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Thank you for the update Doni~ I don't always comment : ) but love to visit your blog~ Looks like you have been busy creating beautiful things! Have a blessed Holiday season ahead~ Karen @ Roosterhead Designs

Roosterhead Designs said...

I forgot to include a 'praise God' that you and family were rescued! I'm so sorry for what you've all been through~

Doni said...

Thank you so much dustbunny8!
I really appreciate you keeping up with me!
Hugs! Doni

Doni said...

Thank you so very much Karen! Your praise to God has been repeated many times by all of us! He truly is our Protector and Deliverer. Hugs to you! Doni


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