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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joyful Praise! Antique and Vintage Hymn Books

There's just something so sweet about these old hymn books.  Most are from the late 1800's to the early 1900's.  I can picture old wooden pews peopled with folks wearing their Sunday best, standing and holding these in their hands.  Maybe they were Methodist, maybe they were Baptist, but it doesn't matter, they were singing their praises to God!
Worn and aged now, they have a softness to them that is lovely.  I've recently searched high and low for these, and now have a nice collection from which I will be sharing more of in the future.

The one above is one of my favorites.  The cover on it is incredible!
And I know....MORE BUTTONS!!!  I can't help it; do you mind??
Please indulge me my buttons.  The pearlyness of them is so soothing to me...

Ahhhhh, see!  Just like having a bubble bath without getting wet!!!

I found the little pink perfume bottle a recent garage sale, and the pink French bowls are from my mother.

The pink rose above was a new creation, made out of seam binding ribbon.  Directions for making your own lovely roses can be found here, at Becca's Blog, Amazing Paper Grace.
She is an incredible artist, very creative and full of inspiring card creations.  She has a beautiful blog in which she showcases not only her card creations, but some of her tutorials for making bows, etc.
Check her out even if you don't do paper crafting.  She has so many ideas you'll be amazed!!

The hymn book below has the most beautiful cover on it.  I took a closeup of the window, and low and behold, look what the camera caught!!!  The faint image of a city or Church or Palace through the opening!!
I was so excited!!  It is barely visible when you look at it with just your plain eyes...

and the back of the book has this:

I just love old looking papers and music...the hands of the past having loved and treasured them.
Now my hands get to enjoy them, and some day I'll pass them on to a dear someone who will also enjoy them for a time.

I'm going to join up with White Wednesday over at
and I just HAVE to join the Pink Saturday party at
so be sure and go over and have a look at all the gorgeous blogs that are participating this week.
I always feel like I've just enjoyed a lovely magazine after going to visit!!

Now since I was absent for Pearls and Lace Thursday this week, (don't ask!!), what would y'all say if we had a new giveaway to celebrate Spring finally getting here???
I will have a new Giveaway ready to go next Thursday for Pearls and Lace Thursday, so be sure and come back to find out what I've got.
Haven't picked it all out yet, and the pile will grow, but let's just say, with my party being Pearls and Lace, does that give you wee bit of a hint for starters???
AND, I've been out hitting some garage and yard sales, and I've found so many cute items!!!
Be ready next Thursday with your posts of Pearls and Lace beauties or your beloved and cherished items to share.....
Blessing to you all!


Trisha said...

What a beautiful collection of old hymn books and buttons! They are so pretty and fun to look at! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Oh Doni!! What a blessing you are!! So glad you invited me to have a look! Your blog is scrumptious and I'm awestruck by all the vintage goodness there is to see here!! Simply sweet!!

Sandi said...

I am right there with you!! I love old hymnbooks like these and white buttons!! Yours are beautiful! Happy WW!

Unknown said...

Those are vintage sweet and beautiful! I love them. That picture peeking thru of the church is amazing. Maybe you can print it and place it inside the book? Lovely post! I am visiting from WW.


How beautiful! I featured some white MOP buttons on my post this week as well. We know what we like, don't we?

Happy WW,

Create With Joy said...

Hi Doni

I missed your party this week (guess you're busy with those adorable puppies!) but loved the beautiful items you shared on this post!

I'll try to link up next week - in the meantime, stop by and share your thoughts on blogging challenges with me!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



Naturally Carol said...

I love your buttons...so beautiful, they are so much more beautiful than todays plastic versions which are so poorly finished off in comparison.

Annette said...

What beautiful vignettes! I love visiting your blog for some "visual therapy"! Very pretty!

Candy said...

Cute little puppies and old vintage things...wonderful combination.
Saturday Blessings ;-)

Tricia said...

These vintage hymn books and buttons are so beautiful! I am a sucker for old books and these are just wonderful. You did a beautiful job setting up the vignettes for the photos. Happy PS!


Unknown said...

Your treasures are wonderful ... love old buttons. Brings back many a memory of fingering thru Mother's button box.

Happy April PS ~


All That Jazz said...

What beautiful pictures. What can be sweeter that old hymn books, vintage buttons, dried roses and lace!

Thanks so much for coming by All That Jazz Vintage and joining our giveaway. Good luck and have a terrific week Doni!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thanks for sharing Doni. I play the piano for our church services and just love the old hymns. I have some of those old weathered hymn books as well, isn't it fun. Your buttons are lovely. I'm going to have to look up the tutorial on the seam binding rose. So much inspiration here. ~ Abby ~


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