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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #37

Ribbons and Roses
But they're last year's roses.
I can't wait for this year's roses to bloom.  I will want to pick every one of them I know, but I try not to do that.  Only the first ones maybe get picked, then I know I can enjoy them the rest of the summer.
But those first lovely blooms...can't you smell them right now???
They have to come inside.

I was so delighted last summer to find a small collection of Limoges porcelain.  They are the smallest ones I've ever seen.  They each have a print of the a courting couple on them, and a small sprig of flowers on the opposite side of some.  Then there's the little teapot with a spray of delightful primroses on it.  The lid is deparate.  They're so dainty and cute!

I went a bit overboard on the ribbon I think.  But the light cream color mixed with pinks were so pretty...one of my favorite color combinations!

The are the pink rocks that I found last summer and almost passed up!  In fact, I had to make another trip out to purchase them, fearing for a whole week that they would be gone!

This pair of buttons are made of plastic I think, but the pink rhinestones on them are so cute! I love these buttons and would love a whole drawer full!  I have others that are the cream/white color with clear rhinestones in them that I also love.

Hope you're having a lovely week.  I'm going to be joining the Pink Saturday party this week at

As well as all the Friday parties listed below:

Show and Tell Friday

It's a Hodgepodge Friday

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be sure and come by and visit the party-goers and enjoy all their pink pretties and join in too!
You can my Pearls and Lace Thursday party too.  Just add your blog post url to the link below.
Looking forward to perusing your blogs and seeing all your pretties!
Blessings,  Doni


Donnie said...

So many sweet pretties. Loved those pink rocks too.

Wanda Lee said...

What a delightful blog party and such a pretty, pretty post!.., What a lovely array of pretties and even beautiful pink rocks! Thanks for hosting!

On my own blog this week; My pearls are studded on the little 'purse picture frame' that sits over angel shelf, over the wall above my vanity dressing table vignette. ~ The lace is the trim on the lace napkin on my post for this week's delightful blog party for your, 'Pearls And Lace Thursday'.

Cheers, hugs and blessings, Wanda Lee

Unknown said...

Doni your vignette's are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Luv-Loretta

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

What a beautiful pink post! So many lovely things. Thanks for sharing them.


Light and Voices said...

I adore the Pink rocks. I am so glad you went back and got those. Happy Pink Saturday!
Joyce M

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

too much ribbon? nevah ! everything looks so pretty. Happy Pink Saturday !

Unknown said...

Such lovely things. I love ribbon too.

Happy Pink Saturday,


Cheryl said...

I love all the prettiness!!! I have never seen such tiny limoges pieces...what a nice little collection. Such lovely rhinestone pins and buttons!!! And I agree, never can you have too much ribbon!! ;-)

Mari said...



Karie said...

Oh, how beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Karie

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

O my goodness! Wat a gorgeous post!! Look the china pieces with the couple on them! To die for!


Denise@alloverroses said...

This was such a beautiful pink Saturday post! Your Limoges collection is stunning. I love ivory and pink too! Such a gorgeous combination! Happy Pink Saturday!

RachelD said...

How very charming and beautiful!! Those touches of romantic pink, and all the vignettes so perfecly arranged. Your pink rocks are simply wonderful, and remind me of the pink salt lamp upstairs---I thought it was a piece of quartz when I first took it to the counter at the antiques store, but DH said, "Taste it."

I've joined your site and look forward to more of these enchanting arrangements.


Manni said...

wow! such a lovely post!!
I love the broaches, very pretty
Have a Happy Pink Saturday

Char said...

I see lots and lots of treasures in this post. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh how gorgeous, each piece is so lovely, I don't think I've ever seen pink rocks! so so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

stefanie said...

gorgeous treasures1!!


Happy Pink Saturday!

Love all this lace!

~ Gabriela ~


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