Pearls and Lace, My Favorites!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #19

The softness of pearls just adds a certain lustre and delight to a vignette.  I seem to always be reaching for a strand to add to my photos.  And they're elegant enough to stand on their own.

Lace is so beautiful in its own right.  I'm in awe of all the different types of lace that have been made over the centuries.  Women and men all over the world using delicate threads to weave works of art.

Whether you love pearls or you love lace, please come and join in the party for Pearls and Lace Thursday.  Show off your pearls, show off your lace, show off the things that make you happy!
Add your post's url to the linky below, and please tell others about the party!
Blessings, Doni


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How lush!

elsamarianne said...

Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous pearls and lace...
hugs elsamarianne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

These are so elegant and beautiful. Where do you find your jewelry and all the beautiful laces? I really enjoyed the cream-colored lace that had the hearts in it...Did you make that or buy it? No matter...it's gorgeous :) :) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Doni...

Hmm...crochet cotton..Well, I used to buy it at WalMart awhile back..but I haven't been lately to my local Walmart so I don't know if it's been discontinued there too. Right now, I buy my basic crochet cotton at too places...Joann's Fabrics ANd Michael's...both have nice general colors...although Michael's tends to carry different thicknesses, too :) :)

Or you can order from a local yarn/spinning store here in Ashland, OR...called The Web*sters. Here's their URL http://www.yarnatwebsters.com/ I purchased a really nice upscale merercized crochet cotton from DMC. Now their items are more in price...BUT everything is really good quality. I buy yarn there quite a bit...so I always feel good about the money I spend there, because I ALWAYS get good service and product. The ladies know their stuff. You could call first and ask about their crochet cottons.

If I come across any other sources, I'll let you know :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Jacoba said...

Hi Doni! Lovely laces! Like you I am forever fascinated by the craftmanship, the creativity. Lace is so elegant. You have some nice vintage embroideries there too!
I would love to join you with pearls and lace, because it is one my every day's (applied) passions as well, but I lack time alas.
Have a happy day!

Piney Rose said...

Hi Doni! So nice to meet you. You are a winner in my giveaway, so please contact me with your address and I will ship your prize right away. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Such beautiful things!! I recently sold a vintage porcelain brooch with handpainted violets, like the ones you have. Plus I have a violet tin just like those in the picture. I am a new follower!!! Blessings, melissa

Barbara Jean said...

Great idea for a party!!
I'll try to join in next time.

barbara jean


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