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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rhinestone Buttons and Ribbon Lace

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all doing well and having a lovely week.

Today I wanted to get busy and make something pretty, and then these gorgeous buttons caught my eye.  I had them in an old pickle jar!  Yuk!  Out into a beautiful pink dish they had to go.
I have collected a number of inexpensive yard sale and thrift store finds of small bowls, plates, and trays.  They make beautiful display pieces for my collections!

As I was trying to get some good photos, I realized that if I blurred the camera ON PURPOSE for the buttons, they had that gorgeous blur of shine and color.  But if I tried to catch a piece of watered  silk and get the focus sharp, it looked BLURRED!!  So, here it is.

Don't those buttons look lovely all blurred that way? (below)

This lovely bunch of pink and cream is a new Ebay find.  I fell in love with all the variations of the cream, and the pink velvet ribbon intertwined!

Praying for peace,

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bling, Sparkle, and Dazzle!

It speaks for itself.
  The Brilliance of wedding lace, appliques and buttons.
Hope you enjoy!


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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Breath of Fresh Air

Are you all feeling it?
Fresh, cooler air!!
It's the end of September and the weather is changing, Fall is here, and I can finally take a deep breath.  The heat is almost gone, and the trees are beginning to show some changes!

I hope you are all in a place where you can take a deep breath, relax, and feel the change of the season.  Now I know that some of you are just getting out of winter, and Spring will be arriving in your neck of the woods.  I hope we can all see the beauty of God's creation around us.  Don't we all have so much to be thankful for????  I know I do!  Blessings abound!

I'd like to share a few recent finds with you. 

Whenever I see these colors I just swoop in and grab!  And by the way, looking in pockets and trays of unexpected places can yield a great find...above example!  I was looking in a vintage sewing caddy and there it was!  Happy Dance Time!

When the pink dishes appear on a shelf, I ask myself some questions.  And if the piece is pleasing to my eye, has a good price, and has a function that I can see for my craft space, I usually get it.  This leaf pattern piece above though is going to stay in the main room of our home.  It looks awesome on our marble topped coffee table, which by the way, my husband picked out!

Hope you have a lovely week!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Lace to Share With You.

The Rest of the Story!

My last post was the Where Bloggers Create Party, hosted by Karen Valentine.  If you'd like to see what I shared on that post, scroll down after this one, or click here.
The gist of my post was sharing what was IN all my drawers and storage jars.  Some of the photos I took were mosaics of the photos I will be sharing today.  My favorite lace appliques!

 These tiny bits of lace pieces thrill my heart!  I can't imagine how many women over the centuries spent countless hours weaving bits of thread into these little wonders!

The photo below is one of my favorite storage boxes.  It is half circle shaped, and covered in a gorgeous faded fabric.

I keep my favorite boxes in a special spot, on my desk.  I know that the contents of these special boxes are kept away from windows, safe in their vintage boxes where on special occasions, I can take them out, gaze and stare to my heart's content, or use a certain one for a journal or wall hanging.

I hope you enjoyed a closer look at the specialty pieces I've been hoarding!  I had a wonderful time getting them out and arranging them to share with you!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015!

Where Bloggers Create 2015!
It's Finally Here!!

Hello to you all!  I'm delighted that you came by to visit!!

Months have gone by and I've fretted and worried about whether I would be able to join this year, but it finally worked out, and I'm ready with my space!!

Thank you Karen Valentine for AGAIN hosting this awesome party!!
Be sure you go and see all the wonderful spaces that are out there. 

This year I decided that because I haven't changed my space very much since the last party, I would go into a bit more close-up mode and show you all the INSIDES of the drawers and jars that I collect.
If you want to see more photos of my craft room, click HERE, and it will take you to last year's post and will show many more photos of the whole room.  I also have it pictured on my side bar near the top for the last number of years and there you will be able to see how it's changed!

As some of you know, Pink and Cream is my favorite color combination, and I have a huge love for anything Pearls and Lace.

This shabby chippy pink shelf is a find from a local antique shop where I have located a number of chippy pieces over the last few years.  My collection of Vintage Sewing Boxes look awesome displayed here.  But you want to see inside, don't you??

I have to admit.  I do NOT know where I keep all of my stashes, but for the most part, I DO know CLOSE to where they are!!  I am always hunting around looking for something.  It's truly part of the fun to find something that I forgot about!  But there are lots of pieces that are kept out in the open!

I utilize many different shaped dishes and trays, bottles, vases, and in a variety of colors.  I love the pink ones, but I find that the clear glass jars do the best at letting me see what I actually have!

Tarnished silver trays and bowls are also favorites to use for my buttons and jewelry bits.
The edges are so pretty, and I think they really set off the contents!

There's just something about being able to rummage through a bowl of pearl buttons to find the perfect one!

Last year, I showed my husband my blog post.  He saw this bowl of threads and called them, "Thread Kabobs"!!  A number of you thought the comment was great, so I decided to add the Kabobs again this year...

I have quite a number of these glove boxes on display in the front window.  They are literally filled with laces and goodies that I am constantly playing with!  Here are a few close ups of the ones that are on the bottom:

I have many already, but I'm always looking for more of them.  They make wonderful storage containers, and are just gorgeous with their satiny covers!

The east window displays my collection of baby dresses, and I recently found a number of baby hangers that were identical to ones that held my own baby clothes.  I love the cute details on the hangers, but the dresses are absolutely stunning in their detail!

Pin Cushions are yet another thing I collect.  I like the old ones that look like they've had a lot of years of use and been well loved.

Now for my favorite boxes of goodies.
These little gems are filled with my absolute favorite pieces of lace, trims, lace making pieces, and embroidered appliques.

I truly believe that beautiful things have a place in this life.  But sometimes I find that I go overboard with them....and spend too much time or money on them!  Finding a balance is hard.  But when I do, it really is wonderful!  I have the freedom to enjoy without the guilt.

Here are four of the boxes in closeup.  The beautiful floral fabrics are delightfully faded, and they are each of them so pretty!

Lace Making pieces are another one of my loves.  Finding Coronation cord, and beautiful Duchesse lace pieces make my heart beat fast!  First, the Coronation cord.  It has a rice shaped design to it that people would bend and shape together to make designs.  I think the rolled threads look shiny and almost like oblong pearls!

Then we have the tape laces.  The braids and tapes are used in conjunction with each other to make designs that are highly sought after.  That's why I don't have very many finished pieces!!

The card above is an example I keep of each of the different patterns of tapes/braids that I have.
When stitched together, they make lace!

The tiny lace appliques that I've found over the years are some of my prized finds.
I think the delicate beauty speaks for itself.

I just can't get enough!!

Making new friends from near and far is a huge part of my blogging experience.  I have been SO blessed by many of you out there who have become dear friends since I began blogging.
Unexpected surprises and heartfelt love from dear ladies have made my days bright.

For future posts, I will be taking some of the photos I've collaged and showing them in a larger scale so that you can see them better.
And for those of you who Pin on Pinterest feel free to pin any photos from here.  You might also want to see my boards.  You can find them HERE.

I hope you enjoyed looking inside the drawers and jars this year!
Hopefully next year will show a room totally redecorated!  I have so many ideas!  I just don't know where I'm going to start yet!



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