Pearls and Lace, My Favorites!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Playing With My Laces Again

Doesn't it feel wonderful this time of year??
Those of us in the northern hemisphere are experiencing cooler temperatures as we get to fall weather, and those of you in the southern hemisphere are warming up and having spring!
I love both times of year, but fall it seems is just a place to take a breath and relax.

Here in the US we celebrate Columbus Day in October, and though I may be a bit late (it was this past Monday), I'd like to share a bit of Columbus with my laces!

Lace cuffs are some of my very favorite things to collect.  I think they have an elegance as well as romantic flair to them.  I wonder about the women who might have worn them...were they teachers?  Were they ladies who strolled the streets and had tea with their friends?  Did they wear them every day or just for best? 

The red white and blue boxes are a pair I found on Etsy this summer.  I thought they would be perfect as a part of my collection, and I was not disappointed!  I love blues and reds, and creams too.  Just so many colors I love!

In the picture below you can see the glove box where I have placed some lace tape packages.  The graphics on the packages are lovely and ever so colorful!  I wish you could see them in person.  

As I was perusing through some children's books I found a piece on Christoper Columbus!

I want to think Columbus wore clothing that had fine laces at the do know that men wore laces right?  In fact the paintings of royalty show extravagant laces worn by the upper class gentlemen of previous eras.  But I'm glad they don't wear them today.  
My husband would look ridiculous in lace!!
(I hope he doesn't read that!!)

The brilliant blue of the jeweled buttons are so exciting!  
Although I have lately been interested in my watercolors, I haven't lost my zeal for the laces!
I've even tried painting some laces...but that hasn't turned out very nice...YET!!!
I believe lace will be something I will accomplish at some time, but not without a lot of practice!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this post.
I know I enjoyed getting it ready for you!

Blessings to you!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What I Did For My Summer Playcation!

I'm still here....just been playing around with something totally different.
I have barely picked up a needle of any sort.  Unheard of in my opinion, but I traded it (for a while) for this!

Watercolor that is.  It all started when I was 'cleaning' out a closet and found my old kit of watercolor supplies.  I had been meaning for YEARS to try my hand at it again, but well, you know, it just didn't happen.

So there they were, the old palettes, the brushes and paper, even the paper towels! 
From 14 years ago!  And wonder of wonders, the paints were NOT DRY!!

Well, after some dabbling with those paints, which were still just a good as the day I bought them in my opinion, I decided to go in whole hog.
I ordered some new colors (who doesn't NEED some new things when you start something again??),
and lots of Youtube videos later I tried painting a picture.

As you can see, in the pics above, I have all kinds of colors, all kinds of palettes, and I have enjoyed every single second!!  I think I may be a palette collector!!
Or maybe that's a paint collector....I have so many.  Now, I realize that "Real" painters have a limited palette, and some of my palette's are limited.  They just won't hold any more colors!!
Seriously though, I am learning and having a lot of fun.

Now here are a few of the better (IMO) paintings I have done this summer.  As you can see, I have a lot to learn!!  I just hope I don't look back at these in a year or so and think, "What on earth did I publish these for!!!???"

Because Pinterest is my favorite place to spend time, many of the paintings I have tried have been of pics I've seen on Pinterest.  (If I have used your photo for my watercolor source and you would like me to attach the source, please email me with your information!!)
Some are of actual photos, some are my try at some lovely watercolors.
I am bound and determined to learn how to paint a rose though, and still don't have it down.
But then, Monet and Rembrandt didn't learn in one summer did they???

Thanks to all of you who have followed me this summer, and for those of you who come by to visit.  Please accept my apologies for not keeping my blog updated.  I hope to find a balance in my life of all of my hobbies and loves with keeping up the house!  But in the order of things, housework is near the end of my list!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Crocheted Buttons and Dried Roses

Finding beautiful things is sometimes rather easy, but finding beautiful things that are AFFORDABLE is hard!
When something catches your heart, you have to ask yourself if it's worth the price being asked.
I always ask myself if I am willing to pass something up even if I love it, would I always think about it in the future and wish I had bought it?  In other words, will I kick myself for NOT getting it?
If my answer is yes, then I go ahead and get it.
If it's not that big a deal, I don't need it!!

So, I couldn't live without these:

Seriously, who can crochet this small??

I love to dry my flowers, and over the years I have kept MANY flowers by drying them.  The white roses from my husband for a past birthday are so brittle, I might have to dispose of them soon, but they still bring back the memory of a lovely dinner and a huge vase of white roses!

Garden roses of different hues are favorites to dry.  And free.

If you've followed my blog for long, you will know I have a fascination for tape laces.  This piece of fragile loveliness is also a new find.  

The china pieces are red transferware that I find gorgeous to use in my craft room.

This piece is really humorous to me.  A picnic on the castle grounds, men lounging on the ground in suits and women serving them in long dresses.  Hmmm, how times have changed!!

My last post was this years version of Where Bloggers Create and I shared my craft room with you.  If you'd like to see it just scroll down or catch it at the top of the sidebar.  Many thanks to each of you who have visited, pinned, and commented on my room.  Nadine my dress form and hostess has finally caught her breath.  She says to tell you all how much she loved your comments!!
As did I.  Y'all are such lovely people!  Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and make my day!

And welcome to all my newest followers!!!  I really look forward to getting to know you!
Blessings to you all!

Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Where Bloggers Create Party

I'm so EXCITED!!!
It's time for the yearly party of Where Bloggers Create hosted by Karen Valentine at My Dessert Cottage.  Karen has spent YEARS hosting this awesome party and I am now in my 4th year of joining.
Thank you for stopping by and browsing through my creative space.
My dress form, Nadine, will be joining us for the photos to 'help' me show off the collections of laces, vintage sewing items, and pretties that I love.

Nadine is excited to be a part of the photo shoot this year, and has dressed up in a vintage pink lace two-piece outfit.  The upper shirtwaist attaches to the skirt with hooks and eyes all the way around.  We decided she would look better with a lovely vintage swiss dot apron that was gifted to me from a special lady to help hide the imperfections in the dress. (Nadine loves chocolate and her hands being what they are, well, alas, it was quite a mess ; ) ) Also, Nadine wouldn't be seen without her huge pearls, so on they went! (hiding more chocolate stains I presume).

Vintage glove boxes and divided boxes play a huge part in helping me keep my collection of laces and trims organized.  They also look gorgeous!  The tray under the glove boxes is from an old trunk that had seen better days.  I have it filled with more laces and lovelies.

The north window is on this wall making a wonderful light for most of the day.
The floral containers in the bottom of the cabinet are from Michaels, and they are perfect for storing more laces and trims (what else??).  They fit perfectly with my decor, and I love the ease of use.  I may need some more of these!!
You can see the hutch (it's PINK!!) that I have placed on top of an old drop leaf coffee table that now houses some of my sewing box collection.  I fell in love with it, and so of course, I had to have it!

The child's sewing machines are so cute up here!  And the old tin roof panel is a lovely background for them.
Turning the corner is the east window where I have hung the sheerest white vintage dresses that I have started collecting.  I can't believe it when I find some of these.  Aren't they so sweet?
My sewing machine is covered in a plain pillowcase so I can easily access it.

I love using old or re-purposed jars for some of my laces and sewing items.  They make a lovely display, don't cost much (garage sales!!), and allow me to see what I have.

Small glass dishes and pitchers also make lovely containers for showing off pretty collections!

(By the way, I showed this post to my husband before it went live, and when he saw the picture above, he called these spools of thread....THREAD KABOBS!! )

Making the next turn, Nadine is showing you the work table made from nothing more than a solid door that is sitting on plastic drawers.  I've covered the lower part with a garage sale find curtain originally made for a baby's crib.  I cut it to fit my two desks, added a bit of old lace curtain found at a garage sale as well, and find that although beautiful and unifying for the room, it is difficult to access the drawers and storage beneath.  I may be removing them in the future.

I work here the most and LOVE how easy it is to be inspired.  Keeping my favorite things in view seems to give me the most enjoyment.  It sometimes gets a bit difficult to locate certain items, but seriously, I always find what I'm looking for!  There are gifts from sweet friends over the years included with my collections, and I am always reminded of generous and lovely friendships I've made.  Sending hugs to each of YOU!!

You silly girl!!  CUT THAT OUT!!!!

  This is where I keep all my little spice jars of buttons and baubles.  Lots of baubles!!
And this is also where the BEST of the laces and appliques live.

Oh getting tired now are we??

This lace book was a wonderfully fun project that I made earlier this year.  I think I had EVERY piece of lace I own OUT and I went through ALL my buttons and baubles too.  What FUN!!!

I love certain color groups more than others, but generally, the pastels are my faves.  I love pink and cream together, so my shelves display lots of colors but usually lean towards the pastels.  In the picture above, I have a little square purple sachet with a heart embroidered on it that I made when I was in grade school!
Items from my Grossmutter, Birth mother, close friends and loved ones are special to me, so I have them displayed to enjoy.

I love to read, therefore bookcases have been used a lot in my craft space.  But I've managed to put the books in other rooms of my house making more CRAFT storage!!!  And I still have more room for more LACE!!

So now you're exhausted???  Get out of my chair!!!

This is a dress form that is a Barr product of molded plastic, mod podged with copies of music from the internet!  I had a blast making this and LOVE the way she adds a touch of class to my craft room.  She is wearing vintage lace bridal pieces, the yoke being a gorgeous piece that I found on the internet.  The pearl and lace cap is one of my favorite pieces.

Well I say Nadine, jealousy does NOT become you!!!
Pouty thing!!
Well, I hope that you will forgive her obtuseness!
I'm sure she will come around in a moment or two.

As I finish up the tour, I'd like to thank each of you for coming by to visit me!
I had so much fun getting my room ready for you to see.  Please have a look at the rest of my blog if you like what you've seen.  And be sure and go visit Karen's blog here to see the rest of the participants in the party!
Thank you Karen for all your work and for making the party a yearly activity that we all look forward to!!!

All smiles now!!

I am off to visit all of your rooms and spaces now!!!
Hugs and blessings to you!!!
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