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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dried White Hydrangeas

There's just something about dried flowers.  I don't know if it's the knowledge that it was once a vibrant living thing of great beauty, or the delicate-ness of the fragile blossoms, but they are beautiful, whether in vases and baskets, or flattened and framed.
These dried hydrangeas are from my next door neighbor's bushes. 
They are still standing dried on the side of the house, safely kept from wind and rain.

A sepia arrangement without the use of the sepia help button!
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Blessings, Doni


elsamarianne said...

I also use to get hydrangea from my next door neighbor. But then the house was sold,and the new owner cut the bushes down for a better wiew from kitchen window.
I really miss them. Both the old couple that lived there before, and the hydrangeas.
Have a nice wednesday

Anonymous said...

I love hydrangea.
Nice week, Zondra Art.

Rebecca said...

I just love dried hydrangeas-they're so easy to do and look good for so long!

Liz said...

So pretty!!!! I love hydrangeas. We see so few of them here in Phoenix... Thanks for sharing yours!


awal.ny said...

Those dried hydrangeas are beautiful. I think I did mine wrong and I will have to try again because they do NOT look as nice as yours. I also love the purple flowers painted on the jewlery piece in the post above.

Atticmag said...

Lovely hydrangeas. My whites stopped blooming but I have the greens.

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