Pearls and Lace, My Favorites!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pearls and Lace #21

It's all Red!
I pulled a bit of red from all over the house and had so much fun doing it!  From the buttons to the old printer's shelf, old bobbins to glassware, red is one of my favorite colors with which to decorate.  The dark reds are my favorites.  Now don't think my whole house is done is red...it's not.  I love lots of colors, and there are some that I don't care for at all.  But, as a favorite...this is one of the top.

The red candy dish belonged to my Grossmutter.  I remember as a little girl going to her house (she lived only 3 houses away from us!) and dusting the furniture.  This candy jar as well as a milk glass one resided on the half-wall located just inside her foyer by her telephone table.  I would carefully dust each crevice of the glass in hopes that I wouldn't miss a spot or break it.  So far, I haven't broken it!

I'm also a lover of old tins. This one has a foreign word on the top and has been in my collection for many years.  Others I've only had for a few months!

Old buttons just seem to find their way now into my blog posts.  I've seen how talented many of you are with laces and buttons and have had an itch to try something with them.  Perhaps I'll get all my stuff together and start!! 

These are the only two pieces of the red transferware that I have, but I'm hoping to find some more!  These have the English castles on them and I'm in love with them.

These little perfume bottles are my latest finds.  I found them this last weekend at a yard sale and think they're sooooo sweet! I love the red cord on the one on the right, and the delicate and graceful lines of the one on the left make it one of my favorites.

Please join me this week for Pearls and Lace Thursday!  Add your post's url link to the Linky below and show off your beauties!!
Hope you all have a blessed Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful images!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Doni!
I must admit that RED is my POP color throughout my home. I also wear red when I need a boost or am feeling down. I really enjoyed your post and all of your goodies. But esp LOVE that verse from Isaiah!
Have a great day!

Xela said...

Hallo Doni, your old treasures are beautiful. I love pearls and lace but I have no actually photos today, next week I will show you my lace and pearls with new pictures.
If you like you can look here it is from last week.

Have a nice day


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Hi Doni. You have an absolutely beautiful blog. Thanks so much for following mine. I am now a follower of yours and look forward to checking out all your lovely posts! Have a wonderful weekend, Connie

kluless said...

Very lovely! I just found your blog and want to compliment you on a great post. You made me want to run home and start making arrangements by color. Seems like a great way to rediscover some of the things I already have! Thank you for sharing.

Piney Rose said...

love, love, love these reds! My favorite color.

Anonymous said...

A friend bought some red roses for me when she came to lunch today and I was just marvelling at how great they look sitting by my cream kitchen cupboards - and then I saw your beautiful post! I love the functional beauty of the red wooden bobbin.

Louise x

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

This is a beautiful post. My kind of things...so pretty and colorful!

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Now, your just up my alley - I adore red! To me it is my neutral! Gorgeous photos!


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