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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday #15

A new Lamb for the Fold!
What a special gift...a little ceramic lamb from a dear dear friend.
She heard about my previous lamb 'find' and gave me one that had belonged to her own Mother!!
I will always treasure it because of the love it symbolizes.

The new blue doily with the rose in the center has become one of my very favorites. I'll show you the sister doily later. I wondered if I could crochet a doily using this blue one for the pattern and have now made 2 of them using the same stiches as the original! I am so excited. I didn't even know I could make one. You can see my previous try below, the blue stitching that turned out so loose and awful that I quit before I finished it, and that was a lot of years ago!!

The above pins were an Ebay win a few weeks ago. I am delighted with the detail and daintiness (sp?) of these collar pins.

The hand painted salt shaker above has been the perfect place for my rhinestone stick pins now for a long long time. I'm kind of surprised though that many times over the years I keep hearing the words, "you know that's a salt shaker, not a pin holder". So? Who REALLY cares? It's mine isn't it? Can't I stick pins in a salt shaker if I want to???
I have seen so many beautiful items used for things that they weren't intended for and always been so excited that someone thought of the idea to re-purpose an item to show it off.

This is the 15th Pearls and Lace Thursday and I'd like to invite you to join me. Share with us a post of your pretties, include any or all of your beautiful laces and jewelry, vintage or new.
We love to see bling, so show if off here!
Link the url to your post by clicking on the 'Linky' tool below, and please visit the others too.
Blessings to you!

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elsamarianne said...

So many beautiful things. I love the collar pins.
greetings from Sweden and elsamarianne


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