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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cobalt Blue...one of my favorite things!

It had snowed and been sooooo cold...and I was at home for what seemed like WEEKS! I just had to get out and SHOP! So, I went to a small town near my own small town in hopes of finding the Antique shop open. It wasn't. So instead, I stopped by a small shop that I knew carried "new" stuff that was interesting. It just so happened that as I was looking around, browsing over the myriad pretty gift ideas, etc., I heard two ladies who were shopping together say something about the Cobalt blue in one area. My ears listened closer to what they were saying and my eyes shot across the large room to a booth set up with antiques and TONS of Cobalt Blue glass!!!! My husband laughed about my thoughts as I told him about it later, he knows me well! I could only think, 'Oh, don't you dare buy something I might want!!!'

So carfully, I got closer and took another look. Uh oh...she picked up a wonderful little jar! Oh no! She'll want it! I just know she will! But no....she put it down!!! Yea!!! Then, they started to look at other pieces...one was a set of four gorgeous goblets that I KNEW needed to come home with me!! Thankfully they were drawn away from the area by asking some questions about some other items, and soon after that left the store altogether. They did however mention that they'd be back later....

Well, not only was there once section of antiques, but 2! I browsed and hunted and carried Cobalt Blue glass to the front for quite some time! I asked the proprietor to please not mention that it was me who had bought all the Cobalt Blue!!
Do you think they came back? Do you think they got mad at me? I truly hope not. I had a BLAST shopping over there and will go back soon I hope! So many more things over there had my name on them!!!!
Enjoy the pictures! I have more to share later. And that little jar? It is now safely home. The Glass sets above are wonderful! One is the set of 4 water glasses that I saw, and the group of 7 juice glasses are so thin and pretty! I love them all!

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citicasita said...

I love all your cobalt blue. I started collecting it many years ago. It started with a Depression Era dinnerware set from old Russian antique shop near my home. After that I was in love! I eventually had to stop buying stuff and even gave most of it away. However, I love that blue and white bread box. Can you tell who the manufacturer is from the bottom of it. I'd love to know. I don't see an Etsy shop for you so I guess you don't sell it. Thanks for sharing. Diddie


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