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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Preparations - Part One

I suppose it was bound to happen one day.  I would decide I had to host Thanksgiving!
But you see, I have a secret.  I can't cook.  At least not the kind of COOKING that you talented ladies can do.  All those years ago I tried and made so many mistakes.  The Pumpkin pie never did set, and who knew that they stuffed the turkey for you before you cooked it?  (Who-knows-what in a bag?  How gross!!)
The can of cranberry sauce wouldn't let the stuff slide out, so I had to spoon it out like jello...
The rolls were too brown, hard in fact. 
But we ate.
And now I'm going to try it again.
I'll begin with a beautiful table...that's the trick right??  If it LOOKS pretty, it will TASTE WONDERFUL!
At least that's my story and stickin' to it!
SO...here's the beginning of the Thanksgiving Preparations.

A stack of dusty dishes, glasses, serving tray and my new tablecloth.
The dishes were a garage sale find that my husband brought me earlier this summer.  Can you believe his wonderful taste?  There are actually two different sets in these stacks, but the colors and patterns are so similar, they go very well together and are hardly noticeable.

These glasses were also a garage sale find, mine, and they are something I've never seen before.  The etchings are of tulips and surround the glass.  The shape is just gorgeous!

SO...with a lovely set of china, gorgeous glasses, and a pretty tablecloth, what could go wrong???
Blessings to you all!


Apple of His Eye said...

Hi Doni
I can relate to your dilemma! I can set a nice table but someone better cook the meal! Perfect solution ! You set the table and they can bring the food! Haha!

Melissa said...

Love those dishes!

Mom E. said...

So how did this Thanksgiving Dinner go? I love looking at old posts! I remember feeling the sdame way you did about hosting Thanksgiving. We usually would go to my Mom's or Hubby's Mom's or one of my sister's houses and I only had to take salad or dessert or something to add to it all. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of cooking a turkey! the only one I had cooked was overdone...:P So, when I had it at my NEW house 18 years ago, I was nervous! But, when everyone came they also brought food, just like they always had...all I had to do was clean the house and set the tables...40 people for dinner... cook the turkey with a temperature probe oven!, and make the mashed potatoes...now my 16 year old makes the Sweet Potatoe Casserole that has become the family's favorite, even the xtended family requests it! She even asks for it for her birthday instead of a cake. She loves the stuff! And Thanksgiviung is a joy to host! My family however asks that we use paper plates, lots of little kids and they don't want any of my dishes broken. One Mother's day i used the pretty stuff, the littlest kids used the old china and if pieces broke it was no big deal. Your Dishes are GORGEOUS!!!! You husband has a great eye! I LOVE the goblets as well. I can't wait to read part 2 if I can find it!
Hearts to you,


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