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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Lacy Mosaic

I just put together some of my favorite photos from my Pearls and Lace Thursday Party post.
Have you had a chance to join me yet?
Feel free to if you'd like.  Just scroll down to the previous post!
And many thanks to you all who have participated.  I am Thankful for each of you as well as the newest followers!  Your visits to my little blog excite me and make me want to make it a place of beauty to share with you.
Next week's party will be on Friday (late Thursday post), so be sure and come back.  I have already got the pictures ready and if you liked this week, you'll like next week's as well!

As we work this next week to prepare for Thanksgiving, let's not forget those who don't have a table to sit at, or a meal to eat.  Is there someone you can invite to your own table?  Is there a meal you can take to someone who doesn't have family?  I can think of many around me who would be blessed. 
I think I need to add some plates that will be easy to carry to my grocery list.
Blessings to you all!


Victorian1885 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Doni & Family!

Susy said...

What beautiful photos,
have the flavor of old and
I find it very fascinating.
Thank you for passing
from me, I am very pleased.
A good weekend of blessings.
Susy x

Cinner said...

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday week. hugs.

Anonymous said...

I just came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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