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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Brick Walls

I knew a lady years ago who told me a story. Actually, she told a whole room full of ladies this story, and it has really helped me out over the years.

She told us that one day her husband (who was a brick layer), drove her all over the city and pointed out walls, buildings, bridges, etc. that his hands had built. He told her that they were his life's work and that they would stand longer than he would live. Others would see them, perhaps benefit from them by living in them, using them, etc. He ended the drive with extreme pride over his accomplishments.

She however, had another idea. She was an avid crocheter of beautiful afghans. She had made hundreds of them over the years and given the majority of them away to friends and family. She taught anyone who wanted to learn how to crochet, and she was still cranking them out, beautiful colors and patterns. Her 'brick walls' she told us, were these afghans! These were the things that people would remember her by, they would last longer than she would, they would give delight, warmth, and color to other households.

So, what are my brick walls??? I guess I have quite a few different ones...

My scrapbooks and handmade cards, my tatted doilies, the pictures I have taken, even the collections of beautiful dishes and glassware. These are some of my brick walls. I might not have put my hands to a brick and laid it down to last for years, but I have things that I've touched that will last for years, that others might enjoy. And yes, I've made some afghans too.

Sometimes I get extremely discouraged. As in this morning. I just got the laundry room all picked up, organized, swept and clean during the end of last week. It took me hours to put all that junk up and get it nice looking (it stores a lot of our Dachshund Kennel food and items). This morning, I went in there to find that my husband had been in there. Need I say more? I was very angry. Then I remembered my brick walls. Cleaning up after him is another part of it. It might not last long, but it's a part of something that WILL last a lifetime.

So, what are your 'brick walls'?


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

This is such a lovely post!
As for my brick walls, I hope they will be my sons.They have turned out to be fine adults and I believe they will be part of my legacy.
Also I hope that the volunteer work I do for our church such as running our flea Market, assisting with Craft Fairs and being a hostess for our Harvest Tea which all raise money for our church will be my "bricks".
Not long ago the events that I ran or helped run raised over $15,000.00. The priest told me that they were using that money to remodel the bathrooms in our church hall. I did have to kick my hubby who really wanted to tell the priest that it was only fitting since I spend most of my life in the bathroom!! LOL!!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Doni,
What a wonderful post! I am happy to say that my three sons are my 'brick walls.' They are strong, very loving, and they are my greatest achievement. We are a very close knit family and I am so thankful to the Lord for that. Thank you for your post and for sharing. I hope you will stop by for tea tomorrow. Have a lovely evening.


Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi Doni! What a wonderful, thought provoking post! I share some of the same brick walls you do, along with being blessed with wonderful family. Your post has left me with a spirited feeling for today...I feel like I can do anything! Thanks for the visit...I've joined as a follower! Karen

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a great reminder...every morning when I *pick up* his clothes I remember that this too is love:)
Thank you so much for your compassion and prayers...they mean so much...I am blessed!

covnitkepr1 said...

My brick walls...better keep them to myself. You have made me think. I'm a follower now.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

this is a great post. yes, we are only passing through in this life. i hope the faith i am passing on to my children and to the women i am caring for in my community will be a brick wall to outlive me.


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