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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #60

The Sewing Box
Another one actually...and I have a few more too.  BUT...I'm still looking for MORE!!  Do you have one that you'd be willing to sell?  Would you contact me if you do?  I'm looking for those that are made of cardboard that have been covered with fabric and that have at least one drawer in them.

Here's one from a post I did a little while ago HERE that opens at the top and has two drawers in it.  I love the shabby fabric and the lovely muted colors.  Florals are my favorite. 
I'd love to have some that had more pinks and roses on them.  I think there's just something so nostalgic about them.  You can also see them displayed in my craft room HERE.  I keep looking for more, but haven't been able to find a lot to choose from.

Let me tell you a bit about these swans...
The one on the right was one that I was given when I was a child.  A dear Great Uncle was moving into a Nursing Home, and as his house was being made ready to sell, I got to choose anything I wanted as a keepsake.  I was young, as I chose this green colored swan.  I kept it on a shelf in my room as I grew up, and then in my home on the same shelf as I went to have a family of my own.  One day as I was at a garage sale, I saw this sweet creamy colored one!  IT WAS A MATE TO MINE!!  I'd never seen another one like it before.  And later that year???  I met my wonderful husband!!
Hmmmm, maybe it was a sign??

I'm serious though.  If you have a box (or more!!) similar to the ones I love and you'd like to sell it (them), please please let me know.  I'd pay a fair price! 
Now it's time for the Party!
Pearls and Lace Thursday is a weekly party that I've hosted for 60 weeks now!!  I don't have a lot of attendance, but I DO have a lot of fun hosting it, and it keeps my hands busy learning my new camera and my eyes busy looking at things is a creative way.  If you'd like to share something from your own blog, please do so!  We'd love to see what you'd like to share.  It doesn't have to be pearls or laces (they're my faves though), but it does need to be something you love.  I just ask that you link back to my blog and that you don't share things you have for sale. 
Please link your POST url code to the link below and show off your pretties!!!

I will be joining in some parties again this week.  Please visit those parties I've listed in my sidebar to the right.  There are so many lovely blogs out there! Lots and lots of pretties to behold!!



Gail said...

Love the swan story.

Loretta said...

Love the pink and lace! You can't go wrong with it!

L'Heure Bleue At Home said...

Love all your little bits and bobs.

The Paper Princess said...

Everything is lovely as always. I wish I had a box to send you! Have a fabulous week!


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Swwet Swan story!

Vintage Jane said...

Love your gorgeous little boxes. What pretty places to keep your pretty sewing bits. M x

Bohemian said...

I Love your Swan Story! Serendipity at it's best and the pair look lovely together. I'm adoring that piece of Bohemian Bling... and I had some Lace to join the Party today! *winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Ivy and Elephants said...

Those are the cutest swans. Thanks for the sharing such a great story and hosting such a great party!


Jeanne said...

This post is so sweet and the swans are lovely. I too love the old fashioned sewing drawers. they are not only pretty, they are useful. they brighten up any space.

Thanks for sharing them. I do not know where you might find one but keep looking. They are out there. Smile.

Hus, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Oops, Hugs, Smile, Me again. I hate typos.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Thanks for linking up to Open House Party!

Annette said...

Love the sewing box and the swans are very sweet! Very pretty post!

GardenofDaisies said...

I LOVE your sewing boxes!! After I saw your studio post I started looking for them, but have never seen one like yours.

LV said...

Sorry, I do no have one. I will keep my eyes open for them when out looking.

Pat said...

Sorry - can't help you out. What are you doing with all of these boxes?

Doni said...

Hi Pat! I am using them to store my 'stuff' in! I hate plastic and have a ton of my favorite buttons stored in plastic cases, so I want to use the vintage boxes for the vintage buttons. Lots of them are on cards, so they too will now have a nice home.
Also, I have tidbits of lace pieces that I collect. For the moment they are all in the plastic drawers on the right of my sewing/storage desk, not a nice or pretty spot for them. The multi drawered box I have on this post will have the laces put into them. I'm hoping to have enough eventually to fill my shelves with them, instead of the newer plastic things and the ugly things. I love the look of my craft room, and want it to be a spot of refuge, creativity, and joy. It's one of my favorite spots!
Thanks for your comments ladies!
Blessings to you all, and may you all be safe in the storms.

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Such pretty vintage pinks. I'm an incurable collector of all things related to sewing.

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie Suzanne ♥

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Love these adorable fabric boxes. I don't see many of them around. they are perfect for your notions, thanks so much for linking up with VIF. xo Debra


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