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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pearls and Lace Thursday # 28

The Old Black Camera.
Bodies were held still as the cameraman (woman?) got the camera ready for the photo.  Probably just one shot.  More than one would cost too much.  No room for error, the poser stood perfectly still trying to keep their eyes open and ready for the huge flash that they knew was coming.
The picture had to be perfect.  If it wasn't, it would just have to do.
Could this picture be the one that he would send to that Mail Order Bride and would she approve?
Could that shot be the one that she would send to the possible suitor and would he like her looks?

Is the dress hanging just right?  Is the suit creased perfectly?  Do the earrings show and does the lace look right?  Did the hat need to be held in the right hand or the left???  Did I remember to shine my shoes??

Is he a gold digger or a preacher?  Did his mother receive the picture or did his girl?

Oh the stories that those photographers could tell!  Each one had a dozen new stories to add to the others each day.  They just hoped that no one would come in with their horse or chickens for the next shot.  That was hard to clean up after!

The different hues of black seem to be a huge part of our past heritage.  Pictures are now in color, our Bibles come in different colors now, and our instant society now emails a color picture to someone continents away in a flash.  Even the cameras now come in colors other than black.
But somehow, that old black cameras and pictures evoke a sense of history, of nostalgia, and a one-ness with those who no longer are with us.  Who were they?  I will not know that here.  But I know Who does!
One day, all those color pictures I took and printed will be handed down to another generation.  They will look at them and say, oh look, an old-fashioned photo.  I wonder if it's worth anything on Ebay?
And they won't know or care who it is.
That doesn't bother me.  God knows me.  Does He know You?
He knows us each by name, He made us, He knows our future.
Aren't you glad He does?

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elsamarianne said...

What a wonderful post. So many beautiful old pictures and so many stories of life.
have a nice thursday
hugs elsamarianne

Terry said...

I love old photos. I have so many that are family(?) but have no idea of who some people are. No matter I treasure them anyways. Hugs,

Bohemian said...

I agree... Black and Sepia always remind me of the past and time-worn elegance. I have toyed with the idea of decorating an entire room in Sepia tones... I once saw a Barn that Designer Carol Hicks-Bolton had decorated and converted into a living space using Sepia tones and it was simply AMAZING and so inviting and casual, yet retained a faded time worn opulence.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

Great photos! Happy Thanksgiving, Doni!



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