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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pearls and Lace #11

The Year 1909
Let's make believe:
Little Lorain is sitting in her room, her thumb in her mouth...and her tooth is wiggling around and just WON'T come out!!
She is 6 years old today, and her party will start after her dear father gets home that night.
They will have cake and ice cream, and lots of presents.
She goes to her mother's room and spies the dressing table. A bottle of perfume, a yellow singing bird, and the pearls and amber jewelry that her mother will wear that evening with her new brown felt dress. The weather is chilly, even though the sun is shining, and little Lorain wants to go play outside so she can forget about her tooth.

"No, dear, not today" her mother tells her. "I don't want you to get dirty before your party tonight! Big girls can sit quietly in their room and play for the afternoon."
Poor Lorain. Nothing to do but wait and wiggle her tooth. She wishes something good would happen. Just then the Postman puts the days mail through the slot in the front door. Lorain jumps from her chair and runs for the front door.
There, on the top of the pile is a Postcard with beautiful Pansies on it..
Could it be for her???

She carefully picks up the whole pile and takes it to her mother's room.
"Mother, there's a Postcard on top" she states hopefully.

"Oh look! A card just for you Lorain! Here you are" says mother, and hands her the beautiful Pansy card. Lorain can't read yet, so she looks at the front of the card, and then turns it over.
"Mother, please would you read it to me?"
Her mother reads the words to her:

"Lorain, So you are six years old. Did your tooth fall out? I hope not.
Kiss Brother for me.
Lovingly, Aunt Fan

"How lovely Lorain! A card from your Aunt Fannie. She lives in Oklahoma you know dear. Wasn't that nice of her to send you a birthday Postcard and have it arrive on your birthday!!!"

Lorain is glad that the postcard is from her favorite Aunt. She looks forward to drawing her a picture of her party and thanking her for the beautiful Postcard.
As she looks at her mother's dressing table, the pile of poetry books with the pearls draped over them catches her eyes.
"Mother, may I please try on your pearl necklace?", she asks.
"Yes, dear, for a few minutes, but please be very careful with them" Mother answers.
Lorain carefully lifts the pearls from the books and gently drapes them about her own shoulders and neck.
Just then, her brother enters the room and his dog, Earl, jumps up on Lorain's front and pushes her down hard onto the floor. He then licks her face. Lorain is upset and Mother is too.
Brother takes Earl away by the scruff of the neck and lets him out the front door.
"Oh Mother! The pearls! Are they alright?" Lorain is almost in tears.
"Calm down honey, they're just fine. But it looks like you've lost something!!"
Lorain is confused as she stands up and looks into her mother's face. Mother is smiling down at her and holding her hand out. In the palm of her hand is something white.
It wasn't a pearl, of that she was sure.
"What is it mother?" Lorain wasn't sure what to think!

"Why my dear! It's your tooth! It was knocked out by Earl when he licked your face!"

Lorain gingerly took the tooth from her mother's hand with her two fingers and gazed at it. It was small, and it had come from her own mouth!
"May I place it under my pillow tonight mother, for the tooth fairy to come and get?"
"Yes, you may my daughter. I'm sure she will be very happy to have it," her mother answered.
Lorain happily skipped from the room, pearls bouncing from the front of her dress.
She had a tooth to place under her pillow, as well as a picture to draw of her loosing it to send to her Aunt Fan!

Just a bit of whimsy that I hope you've all enjoyed.
The "poetry" books (red ones with the marbelized pages) are NOT poetry, but actually Finance Books!!! The navy book under the amber jewelry IS a poetry book. It belonged to my uncle when he was a student.
Please come and join me for Pearls and Lace Thursday by adding your post's url in the Linky below. We can have a marvelous party ourselves although no cake and ice cream are on the menu!!


Lovey said...

What a great post and story! I loved it and the jewelry is simply beautiful. Oh so wonderfully told my friend...Big Smiles...Lovey!

Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

What a sweet story Doni! I love it!
I wish you could come over for some tea and we could spend the afternoon china painting! :D I wigh you lived closer too! And from the looks of all that white porcelain under yout banner, you have some things you can start on!

Denise@alloverroses said...

How creative you are! Love the story and the photos are amazing. The bottle in the 2nd to last photo looks like Shalimar. Love your post, thanks for sharing!


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