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Sunday, May 2, 2010

God's Jewelry Box

Join me as I look through a jewelry box.
The Jewelry Box of God.
Layered on a black background of eternal magnitude, the jewels are set off to perfection.

Perhaps this is a brooch, with sweeping arms of lacy silver with delicate pinks set among the feathery workings, a diamond in the center.

Matching Diamonds, so brilliant that they burst with colors more awesome than any
Hope diamond on earth.

Single jewels of fiery opals, reflecting colors of beauty that outshines the small rocks on earth that are treasured and hoarded.

Orbs of rainbows that are vast and magnificent.

Emerald and sapphire, Amber and gold.

Delicate whisps of cloudlike lace, so delicate a breath might blow it away:
But no human breath can reach it.

The Hand of God, His Creation, His handiwork.

And WE get to actually see what's in the Box...the Box of Heaven itself.
God's Jewelry Box. Do you think He finds these beautiful?
He knew we would, therefore He allowed us to be able to see them, in THIS time of humanity.
WE are blessed to be able to view these pictures because of a man-made item,
a telescope that is floating in space, controlled by men sitting on earth.
Isn't it awesome that He gave us the ability to put pieces of metal, glass, plastic, etc. together so that we can see inside God's Jewelry Box.
And do you have a better view now of God? His vastness? His eternalness?
His Power??? His love for us?
His Gift to us!!
Because Jesus is the Gift...not the pictures of the heavens, but a real, living Person, who came to THIS earth, to save HIS people.
Now THAT was the Gift!!
We may look at the pictures and see the Hand of God, but we can look in our very own Bible and KNOW God HIMSELF!


Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful..thank you..


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Totally amazing photos!

Mary Ann said...

truly a gem of nature far most the rarest and unachievable-more than priceless. thanks for sharing these photos. have a great week. verbena cottage


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