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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Meant" to be Mine!

I guess I've always love glass...I went to garage sales a lot when I was just a kid (thanks mom!), so I've always wanted to have a home of my own and collect all the beautiful
pieces I saw and display them. This first picture show a recent find at a
local shop near me. It was so sweet, it had to be a part of the collection.
The rose jar on the right also came from the same shop, and of course I fell in love
with it at first sight! Do you ever do that? Just see something and KNOW that it
was meant to go home with you? The piece on the left was from a garage sale,
and as usual, it just had to come home with me!
This is a cool jar. It's large and it's heavy. It has a spigot down at the bottom (like for tea),
and seems to work. BUT, I wanted it for all my LACE!!!
Perfect! It looks cool in there! The bottom of the jar says ITALY, and
I found it at the GoodWill store near me. Cost me 5 dollars, and
I almost left it behind....but it just caught my attention and I KNEW...
It had to come home with me!!!
They were meant to be mine!
I'm still working on my Guest Room, and have SO far to go, but it's a work in
progress and looks as if it will only progress slowly. I've redone the dresser my
Grossmutter gave me, so it looks a whole lot better. I used the new dresser scarves
I bought at the Estate sale, and I've moved the purple violet tins to another
place in the room. More pics as I get them all done!
Thanks for looking and have a great day!

1 comment:

sweetjeanette said...

what a great find! And perfect for your laces - I just love laces and other textiles!

jeanette from www.sweetjeanette.com


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