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Friday, January 22, 2016

Lace Book Bridal Bouquet

"Bridal Bouquet"

Hello!  I hope you are all doing well and having a great new year.
I have been busy making a project for a challenge!
Donna Little is having a January Challenge and Giveaway that is located here.
Thank you Donna for hosting this challenge!
Many of the pieces that I have included in this lace book, I purchased from Donna! 

Images of lovely vintage brides in their gorgeous finery, holding huge bouquets of flowers with beautiful long streamers of ribbons.

The textures, the colors, the beauty!
I tried to include them all in my latest lace book.

A little bit of a story goes along with this book, and those of you who are always on the hunt for something for your lace book will enjoy this.
I live in an area where antique stores run along the main streets of downtown.  I have been in them many times, and on one my trips I saw a huge bolt of velvet.  It was a creamy vanilla color, but had some age spots and a bit of water damage to it.  So I passed it by.
And that night I couldn't sleep.  
Now I spend a lot of time on the internet and on you tube looking at lace book videos.
HOURS of videos.  I especially love looking at Margaret Tomasso's creations and she has inspired me greatly.  Click here to see her You Tube channel.  There are so many talented ladies out there!  I've learned so much from you all!
But then I saw a video Margaret did that had velvet.
And I passed up that roll of velvet at the store!!! OH NO!

Fast forward to the next available day I could get to town!
It was freezing cold, and it was just after the new year.

I walked in to the store, bee-lined it to the vendor's area, and it wasn't there!!!
OK, I thought.  So it's not here.  Maybe she took it home and I can find out from her if that's the case.
So I mosey around snooping behind her boxes and displays, and then....
Hidden behind a display!!!

Now this bolt of velvet was heavy, not a full bolt, but PLENTY of fabric to have on hand for a really long time.  BUT....was it yellow, or was it cream????  If it was yellow, I would not be getting it.
I looked for a price on it, and couldn't find one.
Up to the front of the store I go, carrying the bolt of velvet.
The lady at the front was soooooo nice!!!  Of course she would let me carry it outside to see the color in natural light!  She followed me out to see it herself.  "What are you going to do with it?" she asks.
"Make fabric and lace books and flowers with it" I answer!!

It's cream!  NOT YELLOW!!!  A beautiful, creamy vanilla oh so perfect with laces I couldn't be happier.  But wait, there's more.
The price issue.
We can find no price.  So she proceeds to call up the vendor, can't reach her.  Tries another number, no answer.
"What would you offer for it?" she asks me. 
I show her the damage, and then offer $10.00
"That's fair" she says!
It's mine, and now it's made into a beautiful lace book of bridal bouquets!!

The roses on the front of the book are THAT velvet!!

The front and back (above) are covered with that creamy velvet.

I have recently started purchasing wedding dress appliques and a few wedding dresses to cut up and use for my lace books.  They are just gorgeous, and I have used many of the materials and fabrics from the dresses to make long trains for the bottom of the book!  They hang down and drape beautifully.  

My stash of doilies has been depleted quite a bit!  Tons of ruffles and laces were used along the edges of the pages to make the book nice and full.

 Pages 1 and 2 of the Bridal Bouquet Lace Book

 Pages 3 and 4 of the Bridal Bouquet Lace Book

 Pages 5 and 6 of the Bridal Bouquet Lace Book

Pocket page

The Bouquet page
lots of beautiful streamers of ribbons, pearls, and lace.

 Pages 7 and 8 of the Bridal Bouquet Lace Book

 Pages 9 and 10 of the Bridal Bouquet Lace Book

Back Cover


This was such a fun project!  It took me quite some time to get it all put together, but the process was amazingly fun.  Wedding dresses and appliques along with laces from long ago, vintage and antique, were used, along with many trims both vintage and new.  I now have a huge collection of trims that I can utilize for my books.
And let's not forget the pearls and bling!  I have put some lovelies in the book and it all seems to make it into something very beautiful.
I'm seriously considering selling it...what do you think??

Thank you so much for looking!  I hope you enjoyed it!
Blessings to you all,


Karen B. said...

Oh my ... your creation is just so beyond beautiful and what an amazing find the cream colored velvet.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a beautiful book! That velvet is so wonderful. I love the roses you made with some of it.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

Bernideen said...

Wow - that's an amazing project. I see many hours here! Lovely!

pat in NY said...

Unbelievably gorgeous!

Shabby Royale said...

Ooh Doni,
What a beautiful creation !!!
It is the most stunning Lace Book ever !! and one of my favorite themes.
I just love every inch of it. The colors are so creamy, you could eat it :). Yummy !
Your lace is gorgeous and all the other materials you used.
I enjoyed the pictures and will go back to look at them over and over again. Great story about the velvet.
I saw you going there and looking for it.
I think I really know how you felt and then finding it....and discovering it was the right color. Lovely !!
You did a great job. Will be pinning and putting it on your personal board :).

Love, Wilma.

Okio B Designs said...



Donna's Creative Corner said...

Doni, your lace book is so beautiful!! I love every inch of it. You have a great eye for combining different shades and textures. You have to share how you made the velvet flowers on the cover. They are gorgeous! Thank you so much for entering in my challenge and good luck in the drawing!


Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh Doni! I am swooooning! : ) LOL And what a wonderful story about acquiring the velvet! Don't you just love when things like that happen? The book is beyond words gorgeous; I don't even know what to say or where to start~ Selling would be difficult for me - - ; J But will be interested to know what you do~ All of the work involved is stunning and extremely creative. A true vintage treasure. So thankful you shared this with us~ Karen O

Le Dung said...

Thiet Ke Nha Dep

Beverly Flores said...

Doni, this si a beautiful post filled with such loveliness. My heart is pounding and I think there is a tear in my eyes. Such a lovely work of art are you and your book! I am so delighted for you. You are a treasure as are your creations. Hugs, Beverly

Smart Leaders Ias said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bruce Stevens said...

So beautiful!


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