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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A New Lace Book

Sometimes you just have to make something.  That drive hits you when you can't put it off, can't let it pass, and you just HAVE to get crafty.

A few weeks ago I decided that instead of trying to get the house work done, it was time to make something.  So I started a Lace Book.
Now don't complain about me not finishing one I've already started...this one is for a friend who is battling cancer.  Please pray for her.

I've only started it, just getting the front cover and the edges worked on.
I must say, I am having trouble figuring out the best order to make the pages!
You'd think after watching endless hours of lace book tutorials and shares that I'd be ready to make
one of these, but the process is sometimes difficult.
Especially when you are trying to get everything perfect!

I have utilized Pinterest and my board of Bible Verses which you can find here.
I think these will work beautifully!

I've started by printing out the pictures on to plain muslin, using the freezer paper method which works well for me.  Just have to remember to NOT get these wet or I might risk smearing the print.

I am actually doing something I never thought I'd ever do...use a hot glue gun...to make this book with.  Time is important, to us all, and I finally decided after seeing so many of y'all using glue to make your beautiful books that I could do so as well.  I have to say, it's a LOT faster!!

I printed out 4 large pictures and 9 smaller pics, and then sandwiched them with a layer of felt in between the muslin layers, then zigzag stitched around them.
I am gluing tiny lace trims around them, but I have to finish them before I get them into the book pages.

I've recently become entranced with wedding dress appliques and trims to the point of purchasing some to use.  They are so much fun!

When I get the next stages of the book done, I will take more pictures.  It should be an exciting part, where I get to get all the bling out and decorate the details!!




A very pretty book! Very special!
Merry Christmas.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...


Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady

Roosterhead Designs said...

Exquisite work! I love all your beginnings~ I struggle with "to glue gun or not to glue gun" - - and occasionally do! It is much faster if you need it soon; but of course we all strive for hand or machine stitched when possible : ) I was so glad to se you posted! as I am a fairly new follower. Your work is beautiful and I sure love all the scriptures so beautifully printed. Merry Christmas, Karen

carolann said...

That is how I did my books way back. Now that my eyes are worse. I had to stop.

I made so many lace albums over the years for my Grand-girls and my friends for Birthday gifts.

My inspiration was Marcia. She sent me an mini album in the mail and I got so excited. I spread my wings like you. And was so inspired with bling, bling and lace and beads. It was never ending.

I never did scriptures so yours are beautiful.

I did a lot of ribbons. Your work is Magnificent.


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