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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pearls and Lace Thursday #34

My apologies.
The photos in today's post are not very good quality, and I'm sorry.
I really try to get beautiful vignettes or close-ups for you to see, but I'm just not happy with the way these turned out.  And, I usually have more pictures, but they were horrible, so I just went with the best I had.
Now, I'm going to show you an interesting piece I found last year.
It's a four footed hand painted piece with a mark on the bottom.
I'm not quite sure what to actually call it, but I thought the blossoms on it were gorgeous!

You can actually see the brush strokes and mixtures of paint on the violet petals and the leaves.

One day, I'll know how to use my new camera and get some really good shots with little light.
I sure wish I had a nice spot to take great pictures!  Without day light, it's next to impossible for me!

I'm going to be trying out a new Link this time, so please follow the directions below and let's see how it goes!
Blessings, Doni

1 comment:

Bohemian said...

Dear Doni... I'm late, but I DID have Pearls on my Thursday Post this week so better late than never! *wink* I love Pearls AND Lace... guess I need to photograph mine more and remember to publish the Posts on Thursdays! *Smiles*

Dawn... The Bohemian


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