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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Roses and Ribbons and 100th Post Giveaway Information!!

If I only knew how to take gorgeous photographs!!!
Can anyone help me??  I have a new Nikon camera and can't figure it out!!!
Here I have the camera of my dreams, and I don't know much about it yet.....
If you have any blogs or sites that you used to help you get started, please share with me!
Or even any hints on how to just get started with the camera!!  I've played a bit, but these were the best I could do, without that silly flash!
I even had EVERY light on in the room and they came out yellow!

I have the first 2 Scott Kelby books that I ordered from Abe Books, and have perused them enough to know that I'm missing a lot of beginner information.  And the book that came with the camera is over my head! So again, I need your help!!!
Help me become a fantastic photographer like YOU!!!

Below is the Giveaway button for my 100th Post Giveaway!!
There are more prizes than just what's in this picture!!!

I'm joining up with the White Wednesday people for the awesome White Wednesday Party!  Be sure and visit Faded Charm and see all the lovely posts for White Wednesday

Many Blessings to you and thanks in advance for your help!!


Anonymous said...

I am learning my camera by trial and error. More error on some days but suffice, I'm picking up new things as I go. Eventually I'll know how to use just in time for a newer better one to come along. Hugs. Tammy

elsamarianne said...

How nice with a new camera. It´s something with the white colors that gives the yellow in the pictures. Check if the camera has a Auto-white-balance. Take a photo of a pure white paper and use the WB on the camera to adjust. Or change the yellow-red-blue in a photo-program...Add more blue if it´s possible to do that. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Pretty details on your boxes! Happy WW

WW said...

Such a cute little box.

Terrell said...

Love this little box!! It could have a million uses! Happy White Wednesday to you!! and PS that has to be the most adorable little puppy! I heart mini dachshunds!!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~


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